Me, the Wife, and the Exotic Dancer  

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4/3/2005 12:19 am

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Me, the Wife, and the Exotic Dancer

Her name was V. She was an exotic dancer who helped us move from our condo into the house. After the move was complete, she stuck around for a few months. My wife, recently grasping her sexuality, found herself attracted to V. We will call her 'B'.

It was not unusual for them to make out, retire to the bedroom, and all that fun stuff. Except, I was left out. This was fine, as I'm not the type to insist I be along for everything.

One night at a bar, though, I found the situation needed resolving. I mentioned I'd be going out to a nudie bar to get a lap dance. Well, V couldn't stand for that. So, we walked home and she prepared to give me a fully nude dance in B's presence.

My eyes closed for just a moment as I recollect her putting the CD in the player.

V's hips slowly gyrated, even before her song came on. Then, turning. Flashing an impish grin. And slithering toward me like a snake.

B was on the sofa. In tight denim and white halter. Watching V slowly strip off her bikini top. Then the thongs. Finally, the naked body of this red headed imp was before me.

V approached. Taking her time, stretched and danced in front of me. She began to tantalize me with her nude body. Unlike the topless bar, however, I could touch her soft breasts as they dazzled me.

I grabbed her nipple with my lips. Then softly bit with my teeth.

"Harder" she moaned.

I complied.

Bringing her face to my level, V lightly placed a kiss upon me. I allowed my lips to part. Without any effort, her tongue sizzled into my mouth where it melted.

V slid down my body and lightly wrapped her arm around my leg. She kneeled before me. Feeling the bulge beneath the leather pants I wore. Her mouth opened. She took the bulge into her mouth.

V enjoyed the tasted of leather. Especially when it covered a rock hard tribute to her skills as an exotic dancer.

B nodded and smiled.

Was I imagining this? It was leather, there shouldn't be any pores in those pants. Yet, I felt heat of her breath blowing on me. Her brown eyes, half covered by a whiff of her red hair, stared intently into mine.

V pulled herself up and gave a long, intimate kiss. I lightly bit her bottom lip and pulled it down with my teeth. Then I let go and sank my fangs into her neck. V moaned with pleasure at the love bites.

She turned. Back toward me, and began grinding on my super hard cock. This was too much for B. Without asking, my wife was on her knees, eating the pussy of V.

"Oh, my God!" V threw her head back and screamed with delight.

I sucked her tits. My wife sucked her clit,

"I'm supposed to be pleasuring you, not the other way around!"

My hand covered her mouth when she said that.

V bit my fingers. I let her bite. . .

We wound up in bed that night. The three of us.

The next morning, I awoke to the smiling face of V. We kissed. I tasted her morning breath. I then kissed B good morning.

It reminded me of that scene in SUMMER LOVERS when they all wake up in bed the next day.

That was over 4 years ago. V has moved on.

B and I are still together. She has a girlfriend who lives with us. We all get together fine. However, it would be nice to bring one more person into the mix. Any takers?

I'm hard as a rock writing this!

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4/3/2005 2:30 pm

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