Lamora Dark and Red  

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Lamora Dark and Red

"Older women are better!" she took a draw on her cigarette, "I mean, if you don't have it together by the time you're 40, you might as well hang it up!"

Lamora Red was a dancer I knew from a bar that had closed down. She moved to another dancing emporium on the other end of town. I hesitated visiting her because another dancer was living with us. Red had campaigned against this dancer at the old bar and tried to get her fired.

I suppose I should have shown loyalty to the other dancer, whom I'll call Lamora Dark, due to her jet black hair. Dark was ten years younger than me, but Red was my age.

Dark got it on with another dancer and the tips were a'flyin! Because so many rules in the Orange County Municipal Code were broken, Red had it so Dark, and her co-hort, were suspended from work for a week.

Dark lived with me. She saw her boyfriend by day then came to my bed at night.

Poor guy! He never knew what was going on. He thought we were a nice couple taking her in. Little did he know this couple had their 'deviancies'!

I explained to Red my hesitancy in visiting her because she was at odds with Dark. Red acted cool and said it didn't bother her. Then, mentioned there was a VIP room in the back, but it cost $50 to join.

What kinda sucker was I? I dropped the $50 and went in the VIP room. Before we did, she needed a smoke so we stepped outside. I mentioned I wasn't in the habit of taking in wayward dancers, to which she replied, "I know, because you never invited me home."

"That can be remedied."

We went to the VIP Room and she did her dance. It wasn't difficult for Red to work her magic, and eventually her fingers, to my crotch. But the moment she touched it, a red police siren went on. Later, I discovered the room was videotaped and this was the club's signal for the dancer to start playing by the rules.

Red returned to the stage where guys showered her with fives and tens. Perhaps a fantasy would come true! Maybe Lamora Red would leave with them?

There were other plans in the works. . .

Her shift was over, and she put on her tight jeans and leather jacket. Red's figure was that of Dale Arden from the WW2-era comic strip, FLASH GORDEN! A Sailor Jerry tattoo! She always described herself as a 'hippy', but to me she recalled the era of class. When Lauren Bacall was 20!

Our jacuzzi was broken, and Red was disappointed.

"Can't we go in? . . .at all?"

"It's leaking!" I told her, "It won't stay full for long."

"Can't you try to fill it?"

I did. Then turned it on and waited hours for it to get warm.

We talked, smoked, drank, and did all the fun things adults do when they're pretending not to think about sex. Lamora Red became impatient, put her hand in the spa, and declared it ready.

We were naked in the swirling jacuzzi. She was drinking her Corona, and began, not quite by accident, to let it spill down her nipple. Naturally, I couldn't let it go to waste! Her breasts were small, perky, and reminded me of topless fairies that illustrate stories about Peter Pan.

The chlorinated water, and the beer, made an interesting taste. I led her to the other side of the jacuzzi and had her position her arms at the corner. I lifted her waist until her legs straddled my neck. Gently licking.

Quite gentle licks. . .then 'accidental' exploration. . .until my tongue was in as far as it would go.

The chlorine made everything taste fine. The opportunity was ripe to remove my tongue from between her legs into her anus. True, you should never try this at home unless total cleanliness is observed.

It was. . .

My mouth covered it, lightly biting the little hairs with my teeth, then massaging around her edges with the tip of my tongue. Then, entering with it. As far as she'd allow.

The following may not sound erotic, but try to imagine:

My nose in her pussy. Breathing in. Then, while my tongue still played in her anus, the tip of my nose began rubbing her clit.

She moaned and grasped the side of the jacuzzi.

"Let me suck your cock!"

It was now evening. I turned on the light in the jacuzzi, and saw her hourglass form in the blue of the water. Ministering to my organ like a church secretary to her employer!

"Let's go into the bedroom!"

My room is painted black. To keep the light out. To let me sleep late without disturbance. We 69'd in the blackness, my tongue painting the entirety of her erogenous zones like a man painting a fence!

We were like this for over thirty minutes. Don't hold me to that! I'm pretty bad with time, it could have been over an hour. It lasted so long, I thought she did not want to have sex. Just keep the oral going as long as she could.

"You have a magnificent cock!"

I did not know what she was doing, but I was in another realm! Her fingers lightly massaged the hairs on my scrotum while her tongue seemingly became like soft velvet. After many more 'forevers' of this, she allowed me to turn her around.

She was ready and my cock did a swan dive into the small pool of her pussy.

Lamora Dark came home after an afternoon with her boyfriend. She saw us together on the sofa and acted cool.

I must confess a little guilty pleasure to this! To watch these two dancers, who made their living off tease, suddenly acting like everything was completely normal, even though the house smelled of sex.

I returned Red to her place and went back home. I crawled in bed with Lamora Dark. We held each other and kissed, but she wasn't interested in sex. Not after seeing me with her arch rival, Lamora Red.

"She only sleeps with men who have big cocks!" she complained.

"Uh. . .is that supposed to make me offended?"

I went down her and began playing her clit with my teeth.

"Is it okay if I do this?"

"Oh. . .yes! You can do that, but don't put it in!"

Lamora Dark, ultimately, was not the most giving lover. There is a myth that a woman's sexual ability is equal to her ability as an exotic dancer. If she's a wonderful exotic dancer, chances are she's fantastic in bed.

This isn't necessarily the case. As far as Dark was concerned, she put in her time dancing on the stage. Now that she's off the clock, that's it with all the moving around!

"It's your job to pleasure me!"

That was the implication.

I pleasured Lamora Dark. While I licked, sucked, and torpedoed my tongue in the proper directions, I thought of my afternoon with Lamora Red.

Her silky blowjobs. . .

I found myself hard for the 4th or 5th time that day! I don't know how long I was eating out Dark, but her moans showed I was hitting the pleasure spots.

"I'd put something in, but you told me you'd prefer I don't."


We both laughed.

I obliged. . .and dove into her pool of moistness!

I told Red about this.

She laughed.

I miss Lamora Red.

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