Friday the 13th Holiday Weekend!  

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5/13/2005 8:07 am

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Friday the 13th Holiday Weekend!

Okay, this is the day! Like most of the better holidays I've planned, this has been spotaneous. In just a few hours, I will have emerged from my jacuzzi, boarded my vehicle, and will be driving South to Tijuana.

Following my excursion there, and spending some quality time in Santee, I will be headed toward the Salton Sea, toward a big boulder that many New Age folk claim is a sign of, well, 'a new age', then to Palm Springs, followed by a meandering trip back to Long Beach.

I'm not carrying a laptop, but I will bring a cell. Ergo, anyone wishing to get a hold of me, feel free to drop a line and I'll give you the number. From time to time, I'll stop in various 'internet cafes' or copy places that have internet, to view messages. So, I'll still be checking e-mails.

. . .then, upon arriving home, will decide if any of my Friday the 13th adventures should be chronicled in my blogs. . .

Later. . .

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