Amsterdam or West Virginia?  

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2/1/2006 9:11 pm

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Amsterdam or West Virginia?

There is not one thing in the world stopping me from going to Amsterdam, or Geneva, or Cabo, any other place after June. Wait a minute, I can go to Cabo now! Okay, scratch that. In any event, it's just a question of weather and timing.

There's a matter of visiting long lost relatives that I got aquainted with after my dad passed away a year and a half ago. Many soap operas, sad and some downright intriguing, popped up, but that was one of the reasons I cancelled AdultFriendFinder for that time period.

However, we're in touch with the e-mail. And, the plane flies both ways, although I don't really want to encourage some of them to visit quite soon. So, I'm planning my R&R and thinking this should be the year of a really big trip. The last time I went, I was with someone. This will be the first time I travel overseas by myself.

I'm still involved in a 3 way relationship, although it's not as sexy as it sounds since the girlfriend's son moved in! That put my action to a halt, try to explain that one in a so-called liberal state like California!

So, I'm ready to dance on the ceiling after June. This doesn't stop me from partying now, but I generally have to go out of town. I can explain 'the girls', but why this guy's here means I have to go into detail that 'I'm married, she discovered she was a lesbian in 1995, it's a big city and we're strangers in it and didn't see the need to divorce, etc' falls on deaf ears.

It's so funny! I meet a girl whose boyfriend arranged a gang bang for her. They lined up the guys, yet she's quizzical about my situation. I was going to invite her over during the rare moment when they're in town (they travel), but then I thought, "Why should I feel the need to prove myself? Perhaps that woman should be more concerned with HIV status than marital status?"

Those who understand will, and those who won't are probably not the open minded folk I'd like to associate with.

So, back to the vacation: rather than visit the folk in West Virginia, I'm seriously thinking about just bucking it and heading to other lands.

To be continued. . .

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