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lmy life post joining army

Once I commenced my basic training,little did
I realise how much being in the army would change
my lifestyle.Firstly it became regimented,then came a new way of living and dressing.I think the
latter two were the hardest to adapt to.Firstly,unifor m ettiquette was very strict.
secondly I learn this the VERY hard way,that when
you are in uniform and on duty,you cannot run off
and change yourself,sas you could as a civilian.I more than once WET myself.I had to
talk to the platoon corporal,who said I need to
wear extra padding,which proved to be bulky
between my legs,but successful.
Once my training commenced,I seem to stray away
from now army social gatherings,to concentrate
on my military life,studies etc.But all work
and no play is not good for anyone.So later
I did socialise,with men in attendance in our
group.But there was no serious stuff.
It was not until late in my second year,that
I was at an army social,when I was introduced
to my future husband. We outed together twice
before having kissed then on the earlier
occsaions ,when he commenced to go into oral
Immediately I pulled awy from him,when he asked
why,I explained that in wearing my full Winter
Dress Uniform,that I could not fully express
myself as a woman.To that he laughed,saying what
diffrence does that make.I then explained the
stiffness of my uniform.He said nothing.
About two weeks later,I condecended to go to
bed with him.It had been about two years since
I had been to bed with a man.Having undressed
for him and laying on the bed,that I became
aware of his approach to me.He stood beside
the bed,undressed,with his LARGE cock hanging
loosely down.He then sat on the bed,and began
to stroke it,until it became very erect.
H then moved onto the bed,began to carress my
body with his big hands,firming his grip on
my breasts.
He then moved to between my legs,opening same.
He moved his body closer to mined,I felt the
jab,then the penetration,which was painfulL,I
cried out...pain..he replied you will soon
become moist,and began to fuck me ever more
strongly with rapid movements.
You must understand that I had not been to bed
with a man for nearly two years,this man was
older and more experienced than my past boy
friend,Roger.So the episode contuned with my
uttering both sighs,and pain,until that ceased.
Two week-ends hence I slept with my to be husband
James,when on both occasions,I took the top
positionmwhich I had not done so previously
and look forward to do so,sitting down on my
man cock,thus contrllling him and myself.
However,on that occasion,witgh his cock erect
and very stiff,I gelt it delve deep into myself,
further than ever before.It was purely the
most erotic sensation I hsad to that date.
Returning to my life as an army woman,that
expereince lead me to desiring more,which I
could not do without my man
The result being that I bought a suitable
didlo(stiffened=) and as I had movedd to single
army quarters,I was able to indulge myself by selfuse of my newTOY. joys,joys behold.But I
had to learn,to control my uses of same,for the
outcomes of my doings would effect my army
decorum whedn on duty.So I had to learn when
to do so,which was few times a week at night,and
lasted until my marria ge to my husband.
Following the marriage he continued is past
sexual approach to me with the same VIGOUR.
So my life(sexually) continued until our recent
separationmfor the reason explained in my earlier
Adelaine 1000


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