adelaine life cycle in review  

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8/1/2006 3:07 pm
adelaine life cycle in review

Since my husband left me,I began to review my life.Since gaining my membership,I think that
review is ever more need for my own inner most.
For the first 18 years of my life,I grew up as
the only daughter of my parents.Initially I had
boy friends but nothing serious until I met
Roger,and then I only went to bed with him three
times,thus breaking my vaginity.
The I desired to enlist into the army,which has
been revealed in my past bogs.BUT then as taught
to u as recruits,I began my army service knowing
that I was first and foremost a solider,that
secondly I was a woman,and in a far third place
came my family and friends.
Because of thst and because I hsd now to
concentrate on my military duties/studies,
initially I found I hsd liitle time forsocial
saffairs.But eventually they returned,leading
me to meet my future husband.
When I Met him, I was thinking of furthering
my army career,for I had thought of becoming
an officer.Then Ieventually became involved
(seriouslly) with my to-be hus band.You
learnt in my portfolio etc,that I was then 23/24
to is 33.We became engaged after about three
months,three short of my finishing my army
The marriage was in the first three years
successful,producing two siblings.Then I began
to feel that he was not satisfying my sexual
desires.I now realise that the reason was THE
DIFFERENCE in our ages,that being 10 years.
I know whst caused the separation,at least from
his I recalled separately,a friend
of mine(FEMALE) was taking a shower,when she
called me into her,and asked if I would caress
he boobs and her privates.Being a long time
friend,without thinking otherwise,I did what
she asked.
It was not until late last year she was visiting
us ,and during a conversatio with my husband
present,related as how on that occasion,I asked
and did fondle her body.I could see the anguish
look on my husbands face.That eventually led
to our separation.
So I arrive at the present time.I have come to
realise that a TEN YEAR age gap between husband
and wife,is very much not desirable.I now live
with my two children.To satisfy my now sexual
desires of a woman aged 30 years,I now have a
membership of AdultFriendFinder,which to date
I have found to be most satisfying,with more
erotic meetings to come.
The two impoortant factors that I must face,is
firstly of my children,I CANNOT at their ages
tell them of my sexual weants,nor must not
be seen by them in a state after I have
experienced another womans company/or other
erotic measures that I might enjoy in the future.
Secondly,and I do fel that this must be done,is
to tell my Mother of my desires and sexual
stimulations,for kno.wing my Mother,I know that
will upst her tremendousky.But in that manner,it is better that she not hear from an other source
Finally I read sometime age,that are HOMOSEXUALS
born or evenuate naturally through their lifespan.It now that I have becomea HOMOSEXUAL,
I have only one other MOST SEPARATE wish,that I make contact with some other FEMALE member,who
has had military service.Your ADELAINE 1000

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