All talk no action  

addick4pusy 49M
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4/11/2005 11:52 pm

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12/25/2007 2:23 pm

All talk no action

Hello all you hot and horny people out there !!
let me see if i can get this right, iv'e noticed that there be alot of nasty dirty girls out there,and couples too, who post these amazing ads almost increadable ads about how hot and horny they are and how there dying to meet you,
thats all fine and dandy, but cumm on put up or shut up,im not saying that im some doll but if your going to talk the talk walk the walk or ride the cock, but quit teasing c ya all

rm_makemecum256 56F
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6/11/2005 2:24 pm

I know exactly what you mean! It's very hard to weed out the flakes, the pros, the men with womens adds, the picture collectors. How many times have I or the man set up a meeting place & they don't show dont call you know what I mean. Then there the send me some pictures baby..... send more.... more you must know what I mean. This site seems to be filled with flakes who are all talk & no action just as you said.
So how about it Big Boy you up for some world class sucking & fucking??

Itsme_calikat 59F
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12/8/2007 11:32 am

Looks like it's been awhile since these postings. Just curious, have you two hooked up? Are you still disappointed in this site and not meeting real people?
I have met a lot of people here. We try and have a meet and greet up in Arroyo Grande every Friday nite aroun 9pm at R&D's bar for kareoke. We used to go to the Santa Maria Inn, but people stopped showing up.
I enjoy meeting people for fun and friendship and looking for someone to hang out with outside the bedroom too. I noticed you winked at me. Email me if you want to get together for lunch or just say Hello, get aquainted, see where it goes...

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