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9/2/2006 11:23 am

Today my wife asked me to come up to work to bring her some things she needed.
Well I walked in and it was right at closing. There was no one in the waiting room and one other girl there. A beautiful blonde which gives eye candy a new name, (we will call her Amber).
My wife calls me to the back as usual when I am there. We start talking about the normal BS and her hands start to frolic in my pants. Well I am the kind of guy that just goes with the flow.
So my wife has unzipped my pants at this point and has started giving me head. Amber walks in and never hesitates. She walks over to me and kneels down beside my wife and started to lick the candy right off my lollipop.
My wife starts to undress herself as well as Amber. Amber never pulls away from my cock and is now but naked. Amber on my rod and my wife finger and nose deep inside Ambers pussy. Basicly running the oral train on Amber only for it to turn.
The girls put me on my back on the floor. My wife straddles my dick and Amber squats on my face and takes the mustache ride. The wife and Amber kissing and feeling each other. Rubbing ta-ta's and fingering each other. After Amber has cummed on my face about 12 times, her and the wife switch places. The taste of each others cum in my mouth set me to the moon. Amber was a lil more tighter than my wife and the adhesive of her pussy was creating friction beyond belief.
Exxxtasy in its truist form.
I finally came in Amber, and when the wife noticed that I had done so. She wanted Amber's pussy in her mouth. So Amber laid on the counter while my wife cleaned every stitch of cum from her pussy. Which left oppurtunity for me to bang my wife from the back side. And I wore her ass out. Only for Amber to return the favor of cleanliness while I sat back and watched. The girls went at it for a while longer. Probing and feeling and touching and creaming and moaning and screaming...........Boy was it fun.

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