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Interesting Ideas

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Interesting Idea's

1. Legalize mariajauna and have govt. sell to cancer patients at 10% over cost . would generate income ,make life more comfortable for patient but also generate revenue.

2. Pool Medicare like V.A. and get discount drug discount instead of lining pockets of politicians,lobbyist and pharmaceutical blackwholes.

Ed The Cat

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Conspiracy of Corporate Greed!

Locally the Des Moines Register is doing an expose on some collusion between Bill Knapp, Denny Elwell as developer's and Mark Wandro who was head of the transportation for the State of Iowa and corporate official named Segin of the now defunct expo property near the Ankeny Airport. The head of the expo board who work's for Knapp as a agent for Knapp Properties(, and did not tell anyone), shows negligents, which I doubt, or a outright conspiracy.

The three main components of this conspiracy seem to be Bill Knapp, Denny Elwell, Mark Wandro and a representative of the expo property Segin, all the conspirators had a meeting at Knapp's office and were kept abreast of dealings on the sale of the expo land deal that was sold because landowner thought that the airport was going to condem his property so the airport could put anothe runway in. So landowner Stephen Beasley sold the land to Knapp & Elwell's group for $18,000 per acre. The Airport runway was never built and now after the purchase Knapp & Elwell are asking for $172,240 per acre. You figure it out, Who was the principles that profited the most?.

This is the same type of conspiracy that is facing Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff and there friendship.With all the primary players claiming no fowl in the land deal. I say there was a conspiracy, as I have said before if it walks like a duck,quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, then God DAMN IT , IT"S A Duck.

Please read the Des Moines Register the rest of the week. there going to murder this one!.

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Monday, November 14, 2005
Mental Illness a curse or blessing?

Since this information is what the hell I want to write about, I feel that the stigma of being bipolar has some advantage as well as drawbacks. I was first diagnosed manic-depressive when I was in my mid-twenties after a wedding in Iowa City. I had been up for a couple days in anticipation of one of my best friends nuptials. I do my best partying at weddings (my gift to the blessed couple)

I had to take a bus to Iowa City because my friends blew me off again, like at Jimmy's American Cafe, There seems to be a pattern. I like listening to (107.3 in the morning between 5-7 am there a trip) so I get to the wedding an hour late and the receptions is out in the country. My cousin new the priest, and the priest gave me permission to use his car to go to the reception. I arrived at the reception and my friends that I stole the priests car.

They decide they should get the priests car back to him so he did not press charges against me.On the way to returning the priests car I found his stash of playboys and started laughing along with my friends. The priest verified my story by the way. Back to the wedding I wanted to make the it memorable so I got up with band and sang bobarand (I don't know the name of the original band that recorded it) it was a classic. I usually freeze in public speaking but felt comfortable enough to belt out a tune for my friends.

I use to frequent the Waveland on University on Thursday nights (use to be the most popular dive in Des Moines in the 70's and 80's now it's just a dive). I use to belt out some pretty mean tunes there along with some mean pool. The classiest people in Des Moines use to hang out there on Thursdays which is 5 miles from my home.

Back to Iowa City and the wedding, my friends thought it was out of character for me to be so outgoing and decided to take me to University of Iowa where through testing decide to label me in the medical fishbowl as manic- depressive now known a bipolar because for a time I spent 6 months in my basement listening to classic music and reading philosophy books, which is where I became familiar with Emerson I still think he's still cool.

It's been over twenty years since my diagnosis and the label still has not changed. I have also had clothing sales which usually makes me color coordinated. I can't explain why I'm so constientious, I just want to know the stories behind the stories. I have lost a lot of friends because of my label but have matured nicely, and with all the pain I have gone through I still stay true to my word, WHICH I WILL NEVER CHANGE

The doctor's say I'm lucky because I'm hypo-manic which means my diagnosis is not as bad off as some other people with bipolar disorder and makes my faculties more acute which includes perfect pitch. I hope to someday make more people aware of the advatages of being bipolar which is not a death sentence!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Hawks and Cyclones win! Plus Interesting Info on Jimmy's American Cafe

I did not sleep very much last night, maybe 4 hours, was just fascinated by this medium i've heard about but was not really interested in. It's a good thing I was standing where I was at Charlie's (I think) because I met Corrie who was showing her cat's (I'm not to partial to cats there to independent) Love dogs.

Corrie gave me her blog and I told her I would check it out but first I had to register which realed me in! Anyway I pretty much vegged out yesterday watching two great wins for the state of Iowa, which we really needed.After the game I thought I would see what was going happening along ingersoll . It was dead so I ended up back at Charlies drinking my Diet Coke because of some past indescretions and chewing hot cinnamon gum so I don't smoke watching the game on the T.V's and observing people.

I did not know anybody there and pretty much kept to my diplomatic self which some people think snobbish but if somebody asks me something I am approachable (REMEMBER THAT GIRLS) so this older gentleman and to lovely lady's with some nice credentials sit next to me and I see that the older gentleman is looking at a Jimmy's American Cafe menu.

I HATE JIMMY LYNCH He was the original owner of Jimmy's

they were going to open the patio bar for the first time, I was bored and ask Jimmy if I could open the patio so I did and believe or not after I did the son of a bitch had me arrested! What a ungrateful fucking drunk. After that the rath of the Cat was down on this diseased liver scotch loving drinker.

I just could not stay away because all my friends were frequent filiers there, orI am just a glotten for punishment, so I kept going there. Every thing was fine for a while until I purchased a new motorcycle and wanted to learn how to ride it before taking the riding test. So a friend and I went riding through Greenwood Park and I got a ticket for not having a license. I was so upset your suppose to know how to ride but don't get any leway learning how Ironic.

We were suppose to meet friends at Jimmy's and I was so upset I just drank Ice Tea and I guess the caffine got to me, I almost never drink caffine, I'm to wired as it is, probably because of my bipolar, any way back then I knew everybody. I use to be so gregarious, back at Dowling I was quite popular, any way back to Jimmy's, I was bsing with a lot of people and lost all track of time and found that my friends had left me to fend for myself.

So I asked one of the waitresses I knew if she would give a ride and she said yes but the bar manager said I would have to wait outside so I did but became inpatient and panicked and apparently pulled the deadbolt out of the doubledoors at the main entrance. I just what they say about adrenaline is true you can do anything . So Jimmy tried to sue me so I got my business law professor at Drake to handle my case pro bono(am I good or what) We settled out of court for a 1/3 of what Jimmy wanted. I did not dispute that I had done the deed just the outrageous amount.

Anyway back to Charlies and the conversation with the gentleman next to me.I told him I was there another time talking to this distinguished gentleman next to me about my feelings and that I thought who ever hired Jimmy Lynch should have their head examined, turned out that this guy I was talking to was the C.E.O. of Jimmy's corporation, I started laughing. Story goes never know who will come your way. I don't know if people at the bar at Charlie's thought I was nuts (which according to the medical community I am ) or smart but I can't help I am who I am.

I can't do anything about my organic condition accept take my Depakote and supplements that I read on Dr. Andrew Weil's website of alternative medicine I would highly recommend it. I would put the address but my browser is acting up.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005
The Night of Nov 11

I went out last night after listening to Dowling vs Valley football game. I went to Kelly's first where some guy talked my ear off about his Grandfather's being in the second world war and that if he had the chance he would love to kill an Iraqi insurgent and I told him it was a faceless war so how could he tell who was good vs who was evil. He did not have a clue ! Then I went to Charlie's and stood and observed people. I felt a little self conscience but made myself do it any way.

While I was standing there drinking my diet coke and chewing hot cinnamon gum, I observed a classy lady with a buzz cut next to me, she was quite attractive. As I told her and I believe she would look great with any length hair. She started showing pictures of her (family) and suggested that If anybody wanted to find out anything else about her to check out her blog. I thought what the hell, So I went home intrigued by the conversation and had know idea what a pandora's box adventure I was opening. It is a box but at least it's a positive box now I think I'm hooked. Hope to see you again real soon corrie.

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