First timer.  

actnow813 37M
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6/25/2006 6:00 pm

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2/9/2009 3:44 pm

First timer.

New to the lifestlyle and was looking for some advice or someone or a couple someones to help me out.

actnow813 37M

6/28/2006 8:33 pm

wow, can i get a little help here

misskay 54F
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6/29/2009 8:28 pm

Sweetheart, there are a lot of people out here who are more than willing to help you out, but you need to get some clarity here.
What "Lifestyle" are you new to? Get a little more detailed. Decide what you want to try, what you don't. You are on a site that supports a whole LOT of 'Lifestyles"

Spend some time answering a lot more questions, and they figure out what you want. Visit some rooms, go to the online chat, and you will get some help.

Other than that, you are WAY to young for me. I am not a teacher, I Love my man wiser, refined and knowing what he wants!

Good luck.


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