Unopened box  

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Unopened box

He felt the slippery movement of his hands as he tried holding the steering wheel. Broken and bare naked trees wized by as his car engaged into a lower gear, whining and struggling up that last mountain pass. It was unusually cold, but he couldn't feel it. His mind was burning up.
Over and over again bits and pieces of her conversation lurked in the shadows as they darted out in the spent days' sun grasping at him. He couldn't rest. The pain in his groin was enormous as his growth begged to be released. God was he going to even make it?
It had been so long. Just the company was all he wanted he kept telling himself, but the rest of him was screaming otherwise."I'm got to get a hold of myself", he thought. There in the distance was the hotel. She would meet him there for dinner and maybe more if things went right.
How maticulous he was earlier today as he showered. Should I wear this shirt and did she say she like cologne or aftershave? She was going to wear jeans. At least that was a little comforting and a bit relaxing. His nerves were shot. The turn signal called out her name over and over again as he waited to make the turn into the parking lot. This was it.

It was an all day drive she thought as she sat in the warmth of her living room. Curled up with a quilt and a cup of hot cocoa she slipped into another world. He was there like he had been for the last few nights. This time she dreamed of a knight with no shining armor. Quiet, reserved, confident and wise beyond his years. He knew what he wanted. It was her.

She was there, again but in a different room. A bedroom of sorts with a wing back chair and a dark wardrobe that opened up to a television. The room was handsomely decorated with the accents of earthy wood and pine. The headboard of the two full size bed were raw and unfinished. How quaint it all seemed.
It was like she was watching from above. They were there. Sitting on the edge of the beds facing each other, just talking when suddenly she knew it was time to put her plan into action.

He needed signs. Something to let him know she was ready. Nervously she got up and came over and sat beside him. She spoke not a word, but gentle reached over and took his hand. Tenderly she opened his palm and lowered her head to bestow a sweet kiss. As her lips brushed his skin, she could feel an unexpected peace. She closed her eyes as she caressed his hand and pressed it to her cheek.

His arms were around her now. Just holding her. He could smell her scent and wanted to drown in it. The freshness of her, the flow of her hair on his brow as he lowered his head into her shoulder. Should he try?

He felt his face burn as he realized he was staring at her lips. They looked so soft. His head lowered as he approached her mouth. Such a sweet suckulate taste. More he thought. More. She moved slightly and he could feel her breasts pressing into his chest. It was getting harder to breath but he didn't want to stop. With more passion, he felt her sign and moan with pleasure as he deepened his mouth onto hers. She would tease the outside of his upper lip and just under it with her tongue and it was driving him crazy! Something was happening.

It was coming out of him and he could feel it. Something inside he had been holding back for five long years. The carnage of his emotions burst through as the dam broke inside.

She had done it now. With one tender kiss, she stroked his animal fever and he was going wild.

He was on top of her before she knew it. She loved the feel of his weight on her as she tried with all of her might to hold every last part of him close. As her eyes opened, she saw the soft skin of his neck. The way his hair fell on it triggered something. She knew it was coming. She could feel her eyes, clouding over and the urge so strong. Several times she stopped herself. The thought of kissing his neck, nipping at his shoulder and running her hands through his hair was driving her crazy.

She could feel his hardness now. It was exciting her and she unconsciously spread her legs. He groined with pleasure as he pressed himself into her mound. She deeply kissed his neck over and over, pushing his head up to reach the front and to find his hot mouth.

Clothes were becoming a bother. She wanted skin. His skin on hers. With trembling hands she felt under his shirt and his massive back. The muscles rippled through her fingertips. He got the message and his shirt was off and thrown across the floor.

He looked at her for a moment. He wanted to remember her face. This moment. How sweet she looked, but yet he could see the pleading in her eyes.

He kissed her again and again.

She wanted what was inside. The box left unopened by so many. How she marveled at the thought that she was getting the best prize of them all and how so many others had overlooked something so precious. Noone had come close. Noone took the chance.

but she did.

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1/16/2006 1:13 pm

Hey! You ever thought about writing Romance Novels. Your good. I got the hardon to prove it too.

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