Desires In the Middle of the Day  

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2/11/2006 1:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Desires In the Middle of the Day

Holding it all together this afternoon here in my room is hardest of all. The rain is steadily pouring as I peer out. My pussy is as wet as my window pane. It achs to feel a man plunge deep inside. I imagine that as I watch several rain drops slowly trickle down, my naked body pressed up against the window. Look at me!

I feel the need to crawl the walls. Scrap my nails deep into the paint as I think about my body rigid and trembling to release. Sweet nectar to drink, to pour into your mouth. Bring me to my knees. Hold my head and help me take your member. The need to gag, the feel of power. ooohhhhh..

My fingers thrust in and out as I see you in my mind. You came on so softly. Kissing the back of my neck as you stood behind me, all the way down to the base. You peering over to see my hard nipples and breasts slowly swelling right before your eyes. Ripe, delicious round pink tits, begging for your mighty hands to caress and squeeze them. Fondle me. Trail your hands down my flat tummy and press me back into you. I want to feel your hardness, your excitement. Make me beg for you.
I wanna be that someone that you are with, even if the distance is so far. In my mind you know I can't be there each time that you call, I swore not to come but I'm here after all..
You're the one I want..because we decided the distance was too great now makes me see ..what I can't have is what I want the most.....

KDR305 46M/46F

2/12/2006 9:39 pm

Mmmmmm. Nectar of the Gods.

As you've been waiting for me to taste it, so have I been waiting to be given a taste.

Delicious. Delectable.


Beg for me. Beg for my hardness as I cry out for your wetness.

I trail my fingers across your taut little tummy as I enter you from behind. The firm swell of your ass shifts against my hips as I drive in as deeply as possible.

During your climax, I am reminded of the unbelievably sexy response you wrote to my blog entry, and I come with you.

As you writhe and cry out, my hand remains firmly on your taut little pussy. Gently massaging your clit as I slide all the way in and all the way out again.

I pull out, slapping your exposed asshole firmly with my rigid cock, before driving quickly back inside and resuming a slow, steady, teasing rythmn.

I won't alter that rythmh until I hear what you really want.

What DO you really want.

email me if you so desire.

Just bear with me...... I'll probably be typing with one hand.

wantonwill 60M

2/16/2006 6:49 pm

I'll send you a private message about this one.

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