A Woman's Bath...My Erotic Place  

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A Woman's Bath...My Erotic Place

She steamed up the bathroom again. As she opened the door, the hot air blasted her face as she observed a moisture drop crawl down the mirror. It was going to be so good, she thought.
Inside she turned and locked the door. Standing there she let out a sign and eased her head back and to the side. She was aching. She was wanton…again. It seemed the only relief she could find. She knew what she would do. There in her bath. Her place.

Her robe slipped from one pale porcelain shoulder and then the other as it fell and gathered around her feet. Her hands stroked her soft gentle hip curves as she took in a deep breath.
“Let me breath him.” She almost spoke it out loud. Her eyes closed and he was touching her. She could feel him; smell him around her and the heavy closeness of his body. So close she could feel the hairs on his chest brushing up against her warm breasts. She was almost panting when she realized…… her eyes flew open and she remembered where she was.
Her big toe tested the water. Aww.. Not too hot…not too cold, said Goldy Locks, she thought. She giggled to herself at the nursery story. Still a child. It never leaves her.
The gentle curve of her shapely calf slipped into the water as her foot arched and drew the muscle tight. He liked legs, she remembered. Heck, he liked every part of a woman….a…well,.me. He liked my curves he said. How a delicious smiled breached her mouth and spread slowly. “Devilish one”, they use to call her. She made the little boys head’s turn even then as she dragged the tip of her tongue over her upper lip. She loved to taunt them. Such startled faces. Now, as she is older, they melt. She does love to see that. The excitement builds and tingles in her jeans. She loved that feeling and would slip her fingers in, under the school desk, just to take a quick taste… What a naughty girl I am!
The water was warm as she watched it engulf her body. As she lay back and rested her head on the base of the oversize claw foot tub, she glanced at her nipples. So soft, so plump. Not spread out like she had seen of other women. Still perfectly round and a rosey color pink. She could see the small opening at the end. She always wanted to give her milk to a man. Her milk. She tasted it once. Sweet, she thought How she needed to feel his hands massaging them, pressing on the tit, just enough to see it drip and then gather his mouth and tongue on it. Ooooooohhhhh, she needed him now…..In her fantasy, that never came true.

Her hand was there. Stroking and pushing them together. They felt like firm melons, so smooth and proportioned. She is all natural. Nothing implanted. God, no. No one would cut on her! Her mind reeled as she felt his hard penis rubbing between her engorged and heaving breasts. Yes, she loved it that way too. Loved looking up at him to see his reaction, his lust, his excitement in dark clouded eyes of passion. She kissed each breasts with her mouth. Kiss them, she asked of him in her mind. The words rang out and cut the moment into a frenzy.

He was down on her so quickly. The water splashing as he tucked his hands and arms under her rounded cheeks and lifted you pelvis to meet his mouth. He was hot. A chest she always wanted in a man. Dark hair and eyes full of mystery. He was so strong and yet so amazingly gentle.

He was suckling now. So rhythmetically it was bringing tears to her eyes. Each stroke of his tongue, each endless lick so slow and methodical. Sheer bliss. Oh take me, please..more….more..MORRREEEE…Her voice was rising as his speed intensified. She grabbed his head of hair and firmly forced his deeper into her. She wanted him to taste her before he took. Her creamy white thighs spread open there in the warm bath, her breasts ripe and swollen, her cunt, red from his eating and tasting. She was begging for him now. Rising up on all fours and telling him to stand in front of her.
Watch me. Look at my back as it arches and my tender sweet ass ready for you to stroke, she thought. Her mouth was open. Open wide Sherry. She thought. Take him all at once. Go down and never let the walls of your mouth touch his shaft. Let him feel the heat!
Let him feel the closeness and the anticipation. Sit there now at the base. Lips locked and then slowly, ooohhhh so slowly collapse my mouth around him. His throbbing member, eager and soo ready to pump inside her mouth. Come up slowly now. Carefully. Only come up a fourth of the way. Press hard with your jaw and lip muscles and stroke, Short strokes for now. Work it baby.
Keep doing that she thought as she eventually worked her way to one… loonnggg slow stroke with her mouth. Make foam. Make your mouth foam with wetness to lubricate his need. Now stroke his shaft with the tip of your tongue as you slid down inside. Awwwww…yeaha…

The pre cum was there on her tongue. She savored it like no other, feeling it inside and exploring his. She knew she HAD to have MORE when she swallowed him. God…he tasted sooooo good. Give me more. “GIVE IT TO ME”! It wasn’t a demand, but more of a plea. His hands rest on the back of her head as he gently moved back and forth. Her mouth straining as he grew more vigilant. He was so huge. His girth tremendous and would slam into the back of her throat. “Make me gag.” She thought. The fear was boiling over. As he pounded her mouth and face, she felt her cum dripping down her inner thigh. Her fingers groping and touching it. She gathered up as much as she could and took his cock in hand and then thrust it back into her hot mouth.
It wasn’t going to be long now,,, his body tensing and his breath and words more then a whisper but coming from down deep, hoarse and shallow.

His knees bent slightly, he held his cock like it was a hose about to spray. He pulled out and granted her desire.. She never even had to ask. He ejaculated all over her face, breasts and throat. She was wild now. He looked down and pushed it all from her face into her wide open mouth. He liked to see that. Knowing it was his. Only his cum slidding into that dark lovely mouth open and willing. He loved that she wanted him. Wanted his cock and gave the best damn blowjobs he had EVER had. He wanted to feel that warmth again. He put his member back into her mouth and she just held it there. Heaven, every concept of ecstasy. She knew definitely how to please him. No doubt.

The water was turning cold when she opened her eyes. Where did it all go? Her hands grasped the side of the tub as she rose up and glanced over the side. The bathroom floor was splattered. Pools gathered here and there. A delicious smiled breached her mouth and spread slowly across her face. “Devilish one”, they use to call her as she dragged the tip of her tongue over her upper lip. She savored every thought as she licked and cleaned her lips.

cozy1957 59M

2/14/2006 10:53 pm


I like.

wantonwill 60M

2/16/2006 6:40 pm

I have no words right now...I cannot speak...for fear I would weep.

deuce048 61M

2/25/2006 1:02 pm

I must say that was well written. Very explicit I must say, her movements on his penis were fantastic, if only one could have that dream fulfilled.

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