In my Father's Eyes  

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7/4/2006 11:31 am

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8/19/2006 10:46 pm

In my Father's Eyes

I knew a man.He was the first one that I came in contact with. The first one I appreciated, the first one that I adored.When he spoke I took his words for gospel,when he smiled I thought it was the most beautiful.

In retrospect, I beleived he loved me too. He would consantly tell me how beautiful I looked, sometimes even comparing me to a beauty queen.There was nothing that he would say or do that would remotely affect me. In a sense I worshipped him. I beleived I loved him more than the other woman in his life. There was absolutely nothing I would not do for him.

For sometime I would hardly see much of him or even share Sunday evenings with him just talking.I would ask questions just to have him speak so I could look at his wonderful face.I even had thoughts that my husband would be the replica of this man.

This man that I loved so much walked away from me.He didn't say goodbye, he didn't leave me a line, he just left.I couldn't understand because I thought that if you loved someone, you protect them, you cherish it.

I am now an adult and I've never loved this deeply.It has left a scare so deep.This man is my father.He has set a premise from which I still go by.I never put persons on a pedestal. I see everyone on the same level and I will never love so deeply.

I say thanks dad.You have taught me some invaluable lessons.Thanks for being the first male that I came in contact with.

Thanks for giving me the right perception of the male species.

smiles4harry 38M

7/4/2006 12:42 pm

It is great to know yu have had a wonderful father...may his memories always bring you joy and happiness...

iwant2fuknsuku 44M
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7/7/2006 4:46 pm

i feel your pain and sare a similar experience well not exactly i never knew my dad he ran out on my mom from he heard she was pregnant. Anyway i dont think you can just use a broad brush and say that all men are like that as you insinuate in your blog!! There are great men out there who love and cherish there children, wives and family. You just need to find that one special one for you so that your perspective on my species will change for the better. I hope you will find love sometime soon from the man of your dreams!!


7/19/2006 6:00 pm

The actions of one man no matter how important shouldn't colour your view on all men, just as all women are not the same neither are all men. What your father did to u is a foul and horrible thing and something I personaly will never understand. But you should not deny yourself the joy and wonder that love can bring by withdrawing from the possibilty of finding someone worthy of your love. No human should be put on a pedestal as we all have feet of clay. If you can accept your own imperfections then maybe you will be able to accept them in others too. I hope for your sake that you do because a life without love is not a life.

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