Monday 81  

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8/1/2005 7:36 pm

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Monday 81

Monday's suck, but my wife helped me though with a little action in the bathroom. Sunday we were so exhausted from swimming that we just crashed when we came in, so we never got our groove on. Of course I reminded her of it when I got home, and while I was in the shower she came and dropped her shorts and panties she was wearing. I smiled and before I could dry off she started sucking on my cock, when it was good and hard she turned around and bent over. With her hands on the side of the tub I slipped my cock into her waiting pussy, very nice. I fu*ked her like that for 10 minutes before I got real hard and exploded into her pussy. I was motivated after that and even finished my project that I was working on this weekend. I tell ya gals, two things that get this guy motivated is a nice meal and some loving. Peace, ac and sting.

mnm2317 33M

8/9/2005 6:33 am

i totally know whatcha mean by motivated. i've gotten that same treatment before (cock sucked and then banged her) it made my sux a** day soooo much better

ac_sting 52M/52F

8/9/2005 6:17 pm

In my area, we have an abbreviation we have for when were aggravated and pissed off, its MSB (massive sperm buildup). Things just seem so much better when I am lighter in that area, lol.

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