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3/8/2006 3:02 pm

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3/12/2006 9:27 pm

sex dreams

Don't you just love dreams? You ever try to figure them out? What they mean psychologically and shit? Yeah, me too. Been having this recurrent theme dream, it's not ever really the same but takes place in the same place and the subject matter is always the same, SEX!!!!!!!! and lots of it. The first time I had this kind of dream, this is what happened in the dream.... I was walking hand in hand with a guy friend of mine who has always attempted to get me to be more experimental than I wanted. We walk into this big house and it's just like a regular party, only EVERYONE there knows him. I know only him. I even have on heels in this dream, it may be a nightmare, lol. We walk through the house and end up in the kitchen which looks remarkably like one I had 20 years ago complete with the harvest gold appliances. We get a drink and walk out on the deck. The house sits on a hill and the deck kinda overlooks a valley. It's dark and I can see a bonfire. It's not what I see that I find disturbing, it's what I hear. At first I think someone is hurt, but no, the moaning is different and coming from too many places. Now, why all these people want to have sex outside when there are perfectly good beds inside is beyond me, besides, someone might see you if you're outside doing it, right? Yeah well, in this dream I think that was the idea. It was a "sharing" dream. I'm sure I looked like, Holy shit, what have you gotten me into now? My friend says lets go down stairs, I'm like, no. He points to the bonfire and there is nothing happening there, just some people sitting around, fully clothed, talking. So we go and on the way there are nude men chasing nude women, nude women chasing nude men, nude women chasing nude women and so forth. He acts like its no big deal. We're at the bonfire talking and then the dream does one of those jumpy things where you don't know what happened in between then and now. Next thing I know I'm resting between my friends thighs, naked as a jaybird with some chick's head between my legs. I'm just as shocked as YOU are!!! How could I, sweet, innocent lil ole me have a dream that involves bisexuality? I dunno. "You'll have to ask my evil twin, " she says batting her eyelashes. Anyone else have dreams like that?

Kaliedascope61 41M
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3/9/2006 10:06 am

dreaming is one of my favorite things to do!

Allsleeky 36F

3/9/2006 6:53 pm

I love dreams, those kind of dreams

gspotfinder4her 57M

3/9/2006 9:10 pm

Hi we are the same age do you seem to get hornyer as you get older ?

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