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I go back to the ER after the code, which in my opinion shouldn't have even been called. All they had to do is defibrillate the man, can't an ICU nurse do that?

It's not a slow day but slower than the ones we've been having. It's time for me to go to lunch and I actually get to go on time today.

I walk down to Arby's. I get my food and sit down to eat. It's busy here, it's lunchtime, people everywhere. I don't hear them. You know my brain, I daydream a lot.

I'm back in my kitchen, loving on you. You pull my tshirt off. You can always unhook my bra in one swift move, with one hand.

My breasts are free. The cool air and the fact that I'm horny as hell has my nipples standing at attention.

I want your skin on mine. You're slowly unbuttoning your shirt, striptease style. My brain is screaming nono, you know I want what I want when I want it, I go to help you. You make me wait.

I love the way you feel against me. Your skin is smooth, the hair on your chest is soft. You're slurping on my neck again, your hands on the sides of my breasts.

We leave a trail of clothing from the kitchen to my bedroom. It's not far, my place is small. Thank God it's not far. I'm impatient, I want you now.

You give me this devious smile. You walk to the end of my bed and stand there, looking at me. You pat the bed indicating that's where you want me to go.

I look confused, you smile and say just come here.
I do as you ask and plop my ass down where you tell me to.

You tell me to lie down on my back. I do. You pull me toward you, my ass is almost hanging off the side of the bed. You spread my legs and step between them.

I try to put my feet on the footboard but you have something different in mind. You take my feet and put them on the desk behind you.

You tear a condom open and slip it on. I am squirming in anticipation. I'm expecting to feel you slide into me but you don't. You love to make me wait. Secretly I love it too, although I would never tell you.

My legs are spread so wide. You touch my legs lightly, just skimming them. I just shaved them, they're so smooth and soft and you tell me how much you're enjoying touching them.

You touch my lower belly, I'm sensitive about it because there are stratch marks from having babies. I try to move your hands, you put them back and tell me my belly is sexy, I laugh.

You lean over, kissing my tummy. I'm writhing. Please, I say. You look at me and smile. You love to make me wait.

You run your hands down my inner thighs and touch my ass which is pretty much hanging off the bed. I do not have long legs. You slide your fingers under my ass and lower your head.

You spread my lips and your tongue hits my clit. A loud moan escapes me. You stop. Damn! You like that you say. MMhmmm, please, I say.

Please what? Please do something, anything. You're making me ache, I hurt (but in a good way).
What do you want me to do you ask. FUCK ME NOW, I am practically begging.

You're standing, you slide into me effortlessly. I'm so wet. You're so hard. I want to wrap my legs around you and I start to, you put my legs back where they were. You tell me to be still and let you do the work.

You've got your thumb on my clit. I can't be still. You stop. Remove your thumb and remind me to be still. I lower my ass back to the bed.

You start moving again and put your thumb back where it was. I am trying to be still. My legs are shaking. My breathing increases. My eyes are rolled back in my head. I put my hands on my breasts and play with my nipples.

Please, I gasp. Please what? Can I move now, please? You're sliding in and out of me, I can feel my own juices running down my ass.

A few more strokes and you allow me to move. I'm squirming against you, your thumb still where it needs to be. God, this feels so fucking good.

I've got the shakes, always a good sign during sex. You ask me if I'm about to cum. I don't answer, I just do it.

I'm noisy. The neighbors always know when I have an orgasm. I call out your name. I curse. It's a good one. Ya know one of those where you can't tell what was better, the orgasm itself or the aftershocks it produces.

I lie still for a moment. I ask if we can change positions, you say sure. I turn over, put my feet on the floor. You love it like this. I like it too.

You're not going fast enough or hard enough and I tell you so. You grab my hips and fuck me hard. You're moaning. I've finally gotten you to be vocal. You're quiet by my standards. I love to hear you moan, means I'm doing something right.

Now you're groaning, I'm moaning. I put my finger on my clit. You let go of my hip and put your hand on my boob, flicking the center back and forth. I get loud again. You join me.

You collapse on top of me. You made me sweat. Thank you I say. You're welcome.

My phone is on vibrate in my pocket. It's vibrating. The spell is broken. I look at the time, I have to go back to work. I answer the phone, it's you. I smile.

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3/16/2006 3:43 pm

YOu're welcome

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