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absolutelynormal 56F
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7/16/2006 1:26 pm

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8/19/2007 4:11 pm

Tattle Tail

I have a confession to make. I did something the other night, I never thought I would say I had done, as long as I lived.

One guy told me he thought that I would be really good at it. He said I had the right mentality for it. Said I had what it takes.

This thing I did, millions of people have done it. Some of you probably have done it this week, maybe even today. Some people think it's really great, they really get into it, get off on it.

You have to have some special equipment to do it. I suppose it helps if you watch someone else do it beforehand because I'd never, ever seen anyone do this.

Of course I had heard of it. They've even made movies about it. There are several books on the subject. I would dare say that there are people addicted to this, I know some who are or used to be, most kick the habit. They outgrow it.

In this thing that I did, I was to be someone that I am not. I coudln't do what was being asked of me because it all seeemed rather silly and yet too close to home.

I hate being in situations where I don't have a clue as to what to do. What was being asked of me was quite simple. I couldn't do it.

Mac can't play Dungeons and Dragons.

rm_mmmgoodnova 105M/105F
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7/16/2006 1:30 pm

Join the club! Never tried it, prob never will. I prefer sex and blogging.

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:44 pm:
Sounds like a killer combo to me

norprin5 55M

7/16/2006 2:34 pm

i'm with mmmgoodnova *gods, but i'd like to be...*

um, sorry about that...

Nor doesn't D&D either...intrigued by the concept, but doesn't have the time for it...

King Nor XVIII

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:44 pm:
Too busy ruling the kingdom you already have? Mac

ProtonicMan 47M

7/16/2006 5:45 pm

Did it a looong time ago, in a life far, far different from my current one. I enjoyed it at the time, but I have no use for it now.


absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:45 pm:
WHAT? You don't want to be a dungeonmaster?

Intensity4U 52M
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7/16/2006 8:19 pm

Hey Mac Oh that? Oh... then I'm with you. I tried it a long time ago. It wasn't fun or thrilling, so it didn't exactly capture my interest - maybe I needed better playmates.

How's your back doing?

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:48 pm:
My back sucks, thanks for asking though. Now if you'd quit writing such good stuff and making me all horny...

mycin62 54F

7/16/2006 11:01 pm

I can't play that game either, or any computer game, for that matter. I have such BAD motion sickness that just watching those games on the screen gets me nauseaus.

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:48 pm:
This particular version you don't play on the computer. You sit still, VERY still, lol.

chasingfun27 38M
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7/17/2006 2:35 am

Too bad. Now you're going to be denied entry to the nerd society. (sorry)

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:49 pm:
I dunno, Chasing, I'm really nerdy.... I may not make it into the Geek society though.

fortunaswm 61M/52F

7/17/2006 11:58 am

now there's an anti-climax for ya - and i was hoping you would confess the dreaded sin - though it wasn't what I expected!

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:49 pm:

expatbrit49 62M

7/17/2006 1:04 pm


Thank You for Your Time and Attention

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:50 pm:
You thought I had buttsex didn't you?

docdirk 47M

7/17/2006 7:03 pm

If at first you don't succeed... well, you know. After all, you got good at all the other stuff, right?

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:51 pm:
It's OK JJ, not something I really need to succeed at....but you are right, I DID get good at a whole lotta things

complexlysimple 34M

7/18/2006 6:12 pm

Well there goes that game suggestion... actually I don't play D&D ..well the paper and pencil version - there are more than a few PC games based of the rules & universe of D&D.

Gawd, I'm such a dork.... always will be I'm sure

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:53 pm:
Believe it or not, most people outgrow being a dork and since you're still a baby, you got plenty of time! I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I haven't called you that in SOOOO long! {=}

Hampmeister 57M

7/18/2006 8:39 pm

You can't? How horrid! And we could have had such a great friendship....

You can map for me when I DM. Tht just takes being able to draw a straight line....which I can't....

Extra blessing, to make up for your sad lack...

absolutelynormal replies on 7/20/2006 2:55 pm:
Now James, you have ASSumed that I can draw a straight line, alas, I cannot. I can't even draw a stick man.

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