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My Necklace

We were young and beautiful, the three of us were the best of friends. There was no third wheel here, we were all equals, we spent just about every waking moment together. We were also room mates. I was the last one to turn 21 and to celebrate we were going to the My Necklace concert.

We went shopping the day before trying to find something to show off our tight bods with. My birthday is in June so it was already very warm here. Kim was the petite one, she came out of the dressing room at the Body Shop with a cute pastel striped halter top on with white shorts that her ass just about hung out of but not quite. She had this cute little bubble butt. That's the outfit you should buy said Julie, I agreed with her. One down, two to go.

Julie was tall and thin, her legs seemed to go on forever. She at 5 ft 9 towered over Kim and I. She was hard to fit because she was tall, especially pants, they were always too short. We found a denim skirt and some platform shoes for her. When she walked away from us, the shoes made her calf muscles stand out. Her legs were perfectly shaped. she didn't like it because of the shoes which made her even taller. We succeeded in getting her to buy it however by telling her how sexy her legs looked.

I was hard to fit too, mainly because of my boobs. Pants tended to not fit right either, if I got them to fit my ass then they would be too big in the waist. I was in the dressing room, Kim and Julie bringing me things to try on. Kim said, I know you're going to think this is crazy, but I think you'll look so hot in this, just try it. She handed me a black cotton knit, you know T-shirt material, halter top with matching shorts. I stood on my tip toes and looked over the door at her and rolled my eyes. Just try it.

The way the thing was cut, I couldn't wear a bra, not even a strapless one .I put my boobs where they were supposed to go and tied the halter on my neck. The back didn't tie. the t shirt material hung down just like a normal shirt from my back down. I put on the shorts, they fit like a glove. I looked in the mirror and said Holy Shit!! out loud. I opened the door so my roomies could see. You're buying that, don't try on another thing Julie exclaimed. We made our way to the register and paid for our purchases.

On the drive back to the apartment it was decided that band aids would hide my nipples if I got cold or something. We talked about what accessories we had and what would look good with whose outfit. I didn't think any of us would go to sleep that night we were so excited.

The next day we got to the concert hall early, it was general admission and we wanted to get as close to the stage as we could. What we didn't know was the band was going to be shooting a new music video and their manager was handpicking people to be on the front row. He picked me out, I told him I wouldn't do it unless he picked my friends too. He looked them over and said OK, we can use them too.

We were escorted into the hall by one of My Necklace's security people. They had already picked 10 or so other girls. They were getting their makeup done. We waited. They took Kim first, then Julie and then myself. When they got through we looked like hookers. I looked at the makeup artist and said you have to be kidding, I can't go out there looking like this. He said it's for the camera and the lights, they wash your color out so we have to put a lot of makeup on you. When we all had our makeup done the director of the video talked to us.

We just want you to act like fans, be excited, really excited when My Necklace takes the stage. We went through a practice session of jumping up and down screaming and yelling and how to look at the stage with adoration in our eyes. How could he think we wouldn't do that anyway, it's My Necklace we're talking about. They have the sexiest band members ever!

The lead singer is Mason, what a hottie. Buff bod, usually onstage with no shirt on, has a tribal tatt around his right biceps. Wears his 501's around his hips, I'd like to follow his happy trail. His nipples are pierced. He has dark brown hair and the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

There's Bud on the bass. he has long blonde hair usually pulled back in a braid. You can see his tongue ring when he sings. He's a little thin for my tastes, I like a man with meat on his bones. His trademark is his T-shirt, he always has on one with something retarded on it.

Lead guitar is Matt. He's amazing. He has the most beautiful hands. He's tall and his fingers are long and strong. He plays without a shirt too. He has sandy brown hair and this light dusting of blonde fuzz on his chest.

Chris is the drummer. He's covered in tattoos. Shaves his head. Has multiple piercings. Not my type at all, but I've never met him, never talked to him and you know how I am. I like looks but who a person is, is much more important to me. I hear he's an intellectual, vegetarian and studies marshal arts.

The concert starts at 7, it's 630 now. They're getting us to sign release forms so they can show us in the video, if the choose to use the shots from Birmingham. After everyone has signed they offer us a drink. They have the little bottles like they have on airplanes. I've had a few drinks before but mainly just a beer or two, no hard liquor. I put some ice in a plastic cup, pour in some sprite and add the small bottle of Everclear. I sip it at first but glancing at my watch and seeing it's now 6:50. I guzzle it on down.

The concert hall is filling up. The security guys have a place in fornt of the stage roped off where the hand chosen will be. There are about 100 of us. The crew is onstage checking the equipment, we hear check, check, check over the speakers. We were smart and brought some earplugs with us so we won't be deaf tomorrow.

Five more minutes. The crowd behind us is getting noisy, people are trying to get closer to the stage and the security guys are holding them back. The air is thick with perfume and the smell of booze. I'm starting to feel the vodka. It's made a nice warm, glowing place inside me. I feel relaxed. I smile at my friends, they're older than me, they look at each other and laugh at me, but in a loving way. We look at each other and just squeal, we're so excited!

The house lights start to go down. We take our positions in front of the stage. The crowd has been instructed not to rush the stage when the band appears. There are security guards but they've taken down the ropes.

The house lights are gone, it's dark. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome My Necklace to the Birmingham Concert Hall!!!!"

The stage lights come on and there they are, four of the hottest guys I've ever laid eyes on and we're 10 ft from them. They didn't tell us which song they were making a video for, but I think it'll be their remake of Peter Frampton's Baby I Love Your Way. That's what they start out the night with and the crowd goes nuts!

Mason steps closer to the crowd, tells us to sing with him, like anyone needing prompting. We're singing to the top of our lungs! He stops in front of me, bends down and starts singing. It's like he's singing to me. He touches my face when he sings and there is a camera in my face. I'm not looking at it though. I'm looking into those deep pools of blue. He still has his hand on my face, there's electricity traveling down his arm. I nuzzle into his hand, turn my head and kiss his palm. He smiles. He stands up and goes on with the song.

About 3/4 through the concert a security guy taps me on the shoulder and motions for me to come with him. I look at him questioningly, he holds up a backstage pass, I look at my friends, they motion for me to go. I turn and hug them at the same time, again we squeal!

I go with the security person, we talk as we walk. His name is Paul and Mason sent him to get me. While I'm flattered, I certainly don't have groupie mentality. I ask Paul why I am going backstage, He says there's a party after the concert and I've been invited. I ask what kind of party, he says he doesn't really know as he's never been to one.

He leads me into a room which I suppose is like a green room where people wait when they're going to be on a TV show. There are already people in the room. Paul looks at me and says, have a good time, was nice to meet you. You too, Paul.

I'm a shy person by nature and I don't know a soul in this room. There is lots of food and drinks, even drugs if I wanted them. I get a another drink of vodka and sprite, throw some fruit on a plate and sit down on a couch. A man walks over and sits down beside me. He has a British accent and tells me his name is Rodney and he's the roadie for the band. We sit there and talk but he's creeping me out. He's old, like 35 and he's looking at me like I'm supper or something. He finally asks who asked me to the party I tell him Mason. Hmm he says, I think you'd be a better match for Chris. I mean you're pretty and all but you have a brain, you'll find Mason boring unless you just wanna shag.

I can hear the crowd screaming and I know the band has left the stage. The crowd is chanting "ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG" I know they'll go back out at least once. They put on a great show, I've seen them before only I was in the balcony then.

They go back out and sing a song from their first album called Beating a Dead Horse, it's a really hard rocking song, the crowd loves it. The guys finish the song and head back here. We give them a standing ovation. They tell us to sit down. Mason grabs a beer and sits down by me. He's hot and sweaty but oh so beautiful. I saw you from backstage before the show started he said. I knew I had to meet you. You don't often see hooters like yours on a girl that has a beautiful face too. My thought was to slap him, but I just looked at him like he was an alien or something. What did I say something wrong he asks?

Chris who was getting some food, turns around and says I don't know man what did you say? Mason tells him what he had said. Chris laughs and looks at me and says he was really giving you a compliment he just doesn't know how to do it politely. I stood up and started to walk out. Chris touched my arm and said please stay. You don't have to sit with him. I turned around and looked at Mason who was already drooling over someone else. I looked back at Chris who said please stay, sit with me, I'd like to talk to you. Mason is not the only one who noticed you, we all did. Come sit at this table with me and talk.

We walked over to a small round table and sat while he ate. He offered to get me something but I wasn't hungry and I was already tipsy, I didn't need another drink. He said you really have amazing eyes. I believe they are the mirror to the soul. His eyes were so brown they were almost black. We talked and talked and soon realized that everyone else had left. They were at the Sheraton next door having a party Chris said. Do you want to go, I'm content to stay here with you. The cleaning crew was not content for us to stay though so we ended up going to the band's bus.

He said, if you don't mind I'm going to take a shower, I won't be long. I sat on the couch and waited for him. There was a crossword puzzle on the table and I worked on it while I waited. Chris came out in blue jeans and a t shirt. He sat beside me and we worked the puzzle together. He was so smart, he thought the same of me. He touched my face, cupped my chin in his hand and turned my face toward his and kissed me, gently. He let me go and said, I'm sorry, I had been wanting to do that all night. I looked at him and smiled and said please do it again. He kissed me, I slipped him some tongue. Oh shit he said, a girl who is beautiful, smart and can kiss!

I said, that ain't all I can do. I straddled him and kissed him again, this time thoroughly. I dominated his mouth and made it mine and he loved it. I kissed his neck, he grabbed my wiggly ass and pulled it down to his lap. He stuck his hands up the back of my shorts legs and found a bare ass cause I was wearing a thong.

I sat up, and reached behind me and untied the halter and let it fall. I was trying my best to be so sexy only I forgot band aids were on my nipples.He looked at my breasts, his eyes went back and forth and then to my face. He smiled and started laughing. I was totally embarrassed. He removed the band aids and pulled me to him, he put a nipple in his mouth and liquid fire spread through me.

I could feel his hard on through his jeans. Somehow we ended up naked, I don't remember taking clothes off but they were gone. His tattoos were beautiful and he told me what each one meant to him. We were lying side by side , he looked at me and said I am not sure how much more of lying here holding this wonderful body of yours I can take.

I took his hand and guided to my pussy. I can't take much more of lying here holding your wonderful body either. See how wet you make me, how hot and how I can't be still. He kissed his way down my body with me undulating the whole time. When he got to my navel, he dragged his tongue from there to my slit and it just fell right into my valley. He was an amazing lover. Licked and sucked my clit until I'd had 3 orgasms. I said, Chris, yes Wendy, I'm spent let me make you happy. He looked at me and smiled and said you really think you're spent. I answered yes. He said, I don't think so.

He walked over to a drawer opened it up and pulled out condoms. He stroked himself a few times before putting one on. I'd never seen a guy stroke himself, it was a major turn on. He told me to roll away from him and face the back of the couch. I looked him and he said don't worry I'm not gonna try to stick it up your ass, unless you want me to. No thanks I said. He said ok, stick your ass out to where it almost hangs off the couch. Pull your knees up, there ya go that looks right. He was on his knees, he reached over me and put his hand on my clit. Miraculously it came back to life, when he had me writhing, he slipped into me. He had a very nice cock, 7 or 8 inches and girthy. It felt nice this way but I wanted to watch him, without him ever coming out of me, I turned over where he could have full access to my entire body and watch himself go in and out of me.

He had a hand on a breast and one on my clit and I was bucking like a bronco. He was moaning, I knew he was close so I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him into me harder. I gripped him tight and he came hard. He was very vocal about what was going on and I liked that. He would tell me if what I was doing felt good and before he came he told me he was going to, like me he cusses when he cums. He collapsed on top of me. We stayed like that for a while.

Will the others be back tonight? I asked, no he said. Why would they want to be in here, we live here on the road and a hotel is most pleasant. Which bunk is yours, none he said, I have the room in the back. I got this band together. Everyone thinks it's Mason's band, but I got us together and I manage most of the business end. We got up and went to his room, I took a shower and climbed into bed with the man with the most muscular forearms I'd ever seen.

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4/3/2006 1:08 pm

Whew! (Fanning myself...) That was really hot, Wendy!
P.S. Re: southerner... does a transplanted one count? I was born in Maryland so technically...but I married a Virginia boy...

absolutelynormal replies on 4/3/2006 1:25 pm:
Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line, you've been a southerner all your life! Thanks for the compliment Wendy

swlaman1 65M

4/3/2006 6:41 pm

WOW! My monitor is steamed up. What a great experience. What a great story. Told with skill and talent.

Peace...don't stop writing!

absolutelynormal replies on 4/3/2006 8:32 pm:
I'm not going to stop writing Don't stop reading

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4/3/2006 8:37 pm

Your blogs make me practically swoon (I am from the least I think I am...there is some contreversy over the whole WV thing)But I declare...I would be fanning myself and drinking every mint julep I could get my hands on right now if I didnt have to run upstairs and take care of a little something real quick...thanks for the memories of a great blog (and time Im sure!!)Smooches u...QueenB

Come on over...let's play in my Castle! The hide and seek is awesome!


absolutelynormal replies on 4/3/2006 11:00 pm:
I thought I was the only that my blogging had that effect on! Thanks Queen

ProtonicMan 48M

4/7/2006 9:03 pm

Hi, Mac.

I won't stop reading, either. Especially if you keep writing like this.

I'm really regretting that I didn't have access to a computer in the hotel earlier this week.


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