Cum curse with Mac!  

absolutelynormal 56F
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4/25/2006 9:54 pm

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4/27/2006 8:12 pm

Cum curse with Mac!

What's your favorite curse word? Mine is shit.

Shit is a multi purpose curse word, or as we say down here in the south cuss word.

I hit my finger with a hammer (heaven forbid!) I say "Oh shit!"

I sit around and shoot the shit with my friends.

You pull my hair to the side and kiss my neck, I murmur "Oh shit."

Someone embarrasses me in a joking way, I smile, my smirky smile, the left side of my mouth curling and I say "shit."

I'm on top, if it's good I may say "shit" three or four times, if it's really great I'll add "fuck", "God" although not necessarily in that order!

So, what do you say and when do you say it?

Jeepidiot 42M

4/25/2006 10:29 pm

Can't say I really have one. I'm always trying to watch my language. Even at my age I won't cuss in front of my parents and I definitely won't do it in front of children.

absolutelynormal replies on 4/26/2006 7:00 pm:
Same here. My son has heard me say my favorite word a few times but only when extremely frustrated. I think my daughter has heard me say fart, lol Mac

absolutelynormal replies on 4/26/2006 7:00 pm:
Love the pic, btw

JoLeeS 40F

4/25/2006 11:53 pm

Lol Ab... I would have to say "fuck" is...
I say oh fuck if i get hurt...
My friends and I have a saying...WTF all the
When having sex I say..fuck...oh..oh...fuck...fuck me...ha ha Of course other words were thrown in there too...
I have a few made up words too..with variations of the word fuck...
I tripped once and said oh fuckity fuck me...
Have gotten mad and used this one like it was one word... fuckitall
My all time favorite way to use the word fuck is "oh....fuck me...sideways" It has so many uses that way.....

absolutelynormal replies on 4/26/2006 7:08 pm:
I like "Well fuck me runnin!" Mac

docdirk 47M

4/26/2006 8:04 pm


Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

absolutelynormal replies on 4/26/2006 8:09 pm:
say it like you mean it, JJ!!!

rm_mmmgoodnova 105M/105F
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4/26/2006 8:35 pm

I sometimes say "fuckaroni!" Makes it obvious I'm annoyed, but hey, I still have a sense of humor! Mac, this could be particularly appropriate for would not longer be taking YOUR name in vain if you substitute "fuck" for "Mac"...

absolutelynormal replies on 4/26/2006 10:31 pm:
I'm tired and I don't know what youre talking about Fuck

mangomamiCT 41F

4/26/2006 10:16 pm

Fuck is the ultimate in it's versatility , it can be used in so many ways verb , noun , adjective , ah it never ends >.................

absolutelynormal replies on 4/26/2006 10:33 pm:
fuckin aaaaaa, man!

rm_dragonheat23 51M
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4/27/2006 6:19 am

When I smack my knee against a table or hurt myself in some stupid way, I always windup saying a blend of profanity because I never know when one of the kids might be around.
It sounds kind of like..


absolutelynormal replies on 4/27/2006 7:31 pm:
I remember hearing my dad say.... you guys are gonna laugh at me, I heard him say "hell." He didn't know I was around, I must have been 5 or 6 and I thought if you cursed you'd go to hell!

RogueAgent000 50M

4/27/2006 8:58 am

As for myself...there's a variety, most of which are in the "fuck" category...

"cheese and fucking rice" dulled down to "cheese and fricken rice" when at work
"fuking fubar"

Then there is the whole thing about "ass"
Life is all about ass
You're either always covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it, behaving like one, work for one, or live with one.

absolutelynormal replies on 4/27/2006 7:36 pm:
Currently sitting on mine

rm_yukonpaul 51M
1120 posts
4/27/2006 11:57 am

Goddamn it
Son of a bitch

I try not to cuss in public. Sometimes, I'll use non-inflammatory words and phrases. Such as:

God bless America
Son of a gun

absolutelynormal replies on 4/27/2006 7:38 pm:
Well Crap!!!

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