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Coffee, Cowboy2

"What time do you get off?" Bobby asked Blair. "My shift ends at 5," she replied. "Could I ask you to have a drink with me?" he asked.
"Sure, there's a bar across the street."

When she got off work they walked across the street to a place called appropriately enough, The Hole in the Wall. It fit it's title very well. It was small and smokey, they sat in a booth at the back.

Before long she had extracted a lot of information from him. She hadn't thought he was from here but she hadn't been sure till he said he was from Casper. He'd been to LA to see his sister was on his way back to Wyoming.

It had been a hot day, the evening was still hot. It was muggy inside the bar. She wasn't from Reno either. She'd moved up from Lake Havasu just a few weeks before. She didn't have any money saved, she'd left everything she'd owned behind in her attempt to escape a boyfriend who thought beating her was his right.

Blair was living in a cheap but clean motel. She asked Bobby if he'd like to come back with her and have a swim. The look on his face was his answer.

"Are you parked near here?" he asked. "No, I don't have a car," she said. His truck was just around the corner. She was surprised when he grabbed for her hand while they walked.

They got in the truck and she gave him directions to a small motel about 3 blocks away. He wondered what she did when it rained or what she would do when it snowed, he didn't have to worry about it though, it was hotter than Hades right now.

She unlocked the door to unit number 7, he had the tailgate of the truck down looking for something to swim in. He found a pair of cutoffs that would do just fine. He walked into the room, she was in the bathroom changing. She came out with a long tshirt over her suit so he couldn't see what she looked like in it but she did have nice legs he thought to himself.

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