A Tasty Dish  

absolutelynormal 56F
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5/23/2006 6:57 pm

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A Tasty Dish

pssttt.... What Chuck doesn't know is that I have a lingerie fetish. Waayyyyy in the deep dark reccesses of my closet hide things that I've only dreamt of wearing for someone.

I happen to know that Chuck's favorite color is the color purple. I happen to look great in purple. Just ask me, I'll tell you.

I have to be fast, I must formulate a plan quickly. What to do? What to do?

"Chuck, I'm gonna turn on some music, OK?" "Don't you like my singing, baby?" he asks. "Well, of course I do, you have a marvelous voice (he really does), Edwin has a new CD out, have you heard it?" I reply. Luckily the CD is in the player already, and I turn it on and announce that I am going to get dressed now.

I turn on my heel and saunter off to the bedroom. Once the door is closed and locked, I streak to my closet, literally.

If this were Chuck's closet things would be alphabetized and I would have no trouble spotting what I am looking for. Not the red seethru pinoit, green babydoll, no.

Since I have no long legs for him to adore, I have to play up my uhmmm, best assets. While Chuck and I have just met in real life, I've known Chuck for a long time. Chuck can be pussywhipped. I just happen to have one.

I'm going to frame it for him. A purple crotchelss teddy, that's more lace than anything. I have thigh highs to match. I just love thigh highs, they feel, oh I don't know the proper word... wait, yeah I do, SEXY!

SO I put the get up on, throw my robe on over it. I open the bedroom door. Smells good out here!

I don't know what he's cooking but I do know what he'll be eating.

Here's the tricky part, I want this all to be a "shocker" for him. I'll have to be sneaky.

He's still in the kitchen. I swear, I never knew I had so many pots and pans. He's singing with the music, only the fake singing where you don't know the words yet. Good.

I'm surprised he hasn't set the table yet. This works to my advantage.

I take two pillows off my bed. I lay them length-wise on the table. I stand in one of the chairs and lie back on the table, with my legs spread. I call Chuck's name, insistently.

jdocfunguy 50M

5/23/2006 7:15 pm

Some people do like dessert before dinner....

absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:38 pm:
Me too, sometimes

rm_mmmgoodnova 105M/105F
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5/23/2006 7:39 pm

I think dinner's gonna get burnt!

absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:38 pm:
Nah, but I might catch the cook on fire

swlaman1 65M

5/23/2006 9:00 pm

This is eerie. You know my secret fantasy down to the most minute detail. Mac can add psychic to an already impressive list of talents.


absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:39 pm:
psycho yes, psychic, nah!

rm_dragonheat23 51M
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5/24/2006 6:46 am

Mac a la carte does sound delicious. Hope he enjoys the feast

absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:41 pm:
Least I'm not ala mode!

pragmaticCTcpl 61M/50F

5/24/2006 8:50 am

Dining in never sounded so good....!!!!!!

absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:41 pm:

ProtonicMan 47M

5/24/2006 5:10 pm

Aha. You told me you like to cook, but how did you know my favorite dish?


absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:42 pm:
Maybe you told me?

BadAssBlonde1 56F
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5/24/2006 5:36 pm

Sounds like a well planned dinner to me

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absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:43 pm:
Thank you Bad, and thanks for coming to my blog

rm_sloman44 60M
701 posts
5/24/2006 6:00 pm

Just wandered in here in a round about way. Love your blog but don't have time right now to hang on every syllable. You can bet I will be back. Sounds to me like you are a pretty damn good cook as well. And your table presentation is to die for! Makes me kinda hungry. Or is that horny I feel.

absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:43 pm:
You can be both, if ya want to. Thanks for visiting me, I'd be delighted to have you for a guest again

saddletrampsk 54F

5/24/2006 6:11 pm

Tres chaud girl..love it..

absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:44 pm:
Thanks saddletramp

rm_bigchoklatdk 45M

5/24/2006 6:29 pm

"Hi, I'm Chucky......Wanna Play???"


absolutelynormal replies on 5/24/2006 11:45 pm:
You and Fun are freaking me out!! Haven't seen you here in quite some time big, where ya been? Mac

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