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1/10/2006 3:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well, I have to say that I am really disappointed in the responses, or lack of them that I have received.
I have not gotten many responses at all, and those that I have have not been worth replying to.
I don't know, I guess that is a good thing, I mean if people are only responding because they like the way I look, then I guess they are too shallow anyway.It is just a bummer because I am not meeting anyone to talk to.
I have been so lonely lately, and so very horny!! I would just love to have some hot cyber or phone sex. I love to sit at my desk naked with one leg up on the desk stroking my clit with one hand and typing with the other. It has been awhile since I have made a connection. Perhaps I should put my picture back on so that I can meet someone soon!!
It seems that many people want to meet in person, there don't seem to be allot of people out there who are interested in cyber or phone. Oh well, my membership expires on the 28th, so I definitely will not be renewing. Sure hope that I can meet someone who will be able to fill my needs before then.
If you are out there contact me please, so that we can have a mutually satisfying time!!

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1/12/2006 7:41 am

Don't be too hasty. Let's chat.

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