Wonder Why?  

ableone20052 51F
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12/28/2005 2:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wonder Why?

Going through my mail's and wondering why alot of men feel it necessary to send pic's of their cocks. Maybe some women base their contact with someone on what their cock size is or how nice looking it is, but to me if that is all you are interested in then you must be pretty shallow.
It seems to me that alot of people are living in the dark. In the shadows of the outside. The outside is forever changing, gaining weight, loosing weight, different hair styles and colors, hell, even eye color can be changed, and ofcourse we are all always aging, like it or not. The only constant is the inside, the soul, the essence of what and who a person is. If the inside changes, it is usually for the better, as life experiences teach us all many things.
I would bet money that 90% of people both men and women, have missed out on a relationship, either romantic, or friendship, simply because they did not care for how someone looked. It really is sad because they do not even know what they have missed.
I was blessed to be attractive, but I pride myself on who I am on the inside, not how I look. I do not preen in front of mirrors, nor do I change my eye color, or hair color, or wear fake nails etc...I am the sum total of my life's experiences. I work on my intilect, on gaining knowledge, on studying the human condition.
So, I again wonder why so many people seem so hung up on the outside. Really awesome sex starts in the head, humans have the ability to make sex something more than two dogs going at it in the backyard!!
I don't want to see some guys cock, in fact I don't need to see a picture at all, and if I do get a pic. what I want to see most are the persons eyes, for they truely are the window to the soul.

skycop10 56M  
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12/30/2005 1:17 pm

Ms Able...you are very correct, seems many folks are not content with themselves. Many forget that there is more to them than boob size, or how great they think their gentials are.

My dear you sound like and amazing creature, be an honor to know you.

MovingOn001 61M
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1/1/2006 11:13 am

I couldn't agree with you more. I feel that the mind is the most erogenous part of the body, and in order to stimulate your body, I need to stimulate your mind first. I have told a number of people that if I had the choice between Miss America, who has the personality of a toad, or a "Plain Jane" who has a heart of gold, I would choose Jane ANYTIME!!!!

You seem to be a very sweet and special Lady. I'm hoping that despite the physical distance between where we live, that we will be able to get to know each other.

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