100..... and going strong !!!  

abitcrazy4sex 44M
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9/6/2006 7:44 pm

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9/8/2006 4:30 pm

100..... and going strong !!!

damn , i read over at my postings count and it was 99 so i think a celebration is in order cause this is #100 while thats not nearly as many as some of the active bloggers on this site , its still quite a bit for me and i am damned proud ! so.....what are you going to get me in honor of this most special occurance hmmm ?

lostmydrinkagain 43F
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9/6/2006 8:09 pm


abitcrazy4sex replies on 9/6/2006 8:52 pm:
nice , way better than a wall plaque

lostmydrinkagain 43F
2272 posts
9/6/2006 9:23 pm

that was my thought exactly...

abitcrazy4sex replies on 9/7/2006 6:01 am:
i have lots of thoughts

lostmydrinkagain 43F
2272 posts
9/6/2006 10:37 pm

ha, self promotion...I learned from the best. Please check out Busty's Postand feel free to vote for your favorites (especially me, for most carefree blog) Thanks!!!!

abitcrazy4sex replies on 9/7/2006 6:08 am:
i may just do that

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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9/8/2006 1:18 pm

As you well should be! With each day we go through, every "baby" set counts in our lives.

Continue to have fun exploring the world of blogging...


abitcrazy4sex replies on 9/8/2006 4:31 pm:
i most definitely will , thank you

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