Costume communication  

abe_goody22 31M
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5/29/2006 7:31 pm
Costume communication

A friend of mine expressed his opinion that people wear too much make-up these days. I didn't think so but I think I get his point now. It was too much make-up because he couldn't recognize the age of the young woman he was looking at standing at the other side of the street we were walking by. The make-up, the clothing or something else doesn't really matter. I think the young woman was trying to look different from the way soceity wants to see her and therefore my friend while looking at her age sees a blur.

We're a bit young ourselves, both 20, and he often looks at women walking around. I don't look around as much as he does. Sometimes he gets a bit frustrated when he can't make up his mind about a women he sees. Alot of fashion is presented to us and me make choices between the various things we see. Some of the confusion could just be a clash between clothing/apparel and wearer.

Personally I like to see someone wear cloting that was thoughtfully custom made. Though I still feel clothing, especially the from the popular brand names, do more to mask the way a person looks underneath than reveal. It seems more and more people want to look the way they are not in atracting someone when at least some nudity will occur eventually.

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