Fun in Corpus Christi  

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Fun in Corpus Christi

I met this guy through AdultFriendFinder...he seemed pretty mild mannered, very courteous almost to the point of extreme. When we spoke on the phone, he said he was an ass man and we talked extensively about anal sex. He was especially interested if I gave myself enemas, and I told him I did. He invited me over to his place next time I was down south visiting my mother. So the next time I went to visit her, I took a detour to his place, and told my mom I would be a day late. I told him, I would be in the area but that I needed to take a shower from my long trip if he didn't mind.

After a 3 hour trip, I arrived around 2 p.m. He gave me directions to his place, and he greeted me at the door. He had a very neat and clean loft apartment. He invited me in and I saw alot of martial arts trophies in a display cabinet. He offered me a glass of water, and he asked if I still needed that shower, which I said I did. So very nicely, he softly took me by the hand, picked up the small carryon bag I had brought with me, and walked me up the steps to his loft bedroom. In the bathroom, he laid out a bath towel for me with a wash cloth, asked if I needed anything else and left me in the bathroom to do my thing.

To this point, he made no mention of sex and I was not sure if he was even interested since I could not tell by his reaction what was on his mind. But I gave myself an enema, took my shower, and wrapped myself in the bath towel not knowing whether to get into the sexy lingerie I had brought, or back into my clothes and let him make the first move.

I walked out of the bathroom into his loft bedroom and he had turned down the linens on the bed and told me to get into bed so I would not get cold, so I handed him the towel and got under the covers. He tucked me into bed and asked if I needed some rest from my long trip and I said I was quite comfortable. He said he had a few things to do downstairs and told me to take a nap if I needed it. He left but was back in a short time, he went around to the other side of the bed towards a large armoire, took off his watch and placed it on the chest of drawers, took off a gold chain from around his neck, and proceeded to take off his clothes one by one, folding each article and putting it away, hanging up his shirt, folding and creasing his pants as he hung them up in the armoire. It was as if I was watching a ritual...he seemed very quiet and soft spoken, as he asked me how my trip had gone, if I was comfortable, and asked about my family. He seemed very detailed and precise in not only his conversation but also in what he was doing, almost to the point of being anal.

Finally, he was only in his cotten white boxer shorts, and he took them off and was folding them neatly to put them in a drawer, and when he turned around to face me I saw what had to be a limp 12 inch dick. It looked very heavy and thick, and he did not say anything, and I did not say anything as he got under the covers with me. He laid there for a minute before he put his arm around me and we snuggled for a bit before he finally kissed me in a long wet and soulful kiss. As he continued to kiss me passionately, I felt him take my hand under the cover and place it on his dick which was still soft and he asked if I wanted to taste it...which I said I did. So he pulled the covers back and invited me to suck his dick which I eagerly did.

As I put my mouth on his limp but heavy dick, he was still soft but I could feel him getting excited. I felt it get even harder as I put my soft wet tongue and went to work. I was truly amazed at the length of it, and although it was thick it was not so thick that I could not get it in my mouth as far as it would go gagging a bit as I got it past the back of my throat. It seemed to get thicker as it got harder and I was thinking I wanted to really go to town and get that first nutt in my mouth, but he had other plans.

He pulled me up to him and kissed me again...long wet passionate...deliberate in his movements, he was kissing my ears, my neck, the excitement making my pussy wet, and now he had me on my side kissing my neck and shoulders, his hands all over me carressing me softly and tenderly, but firmly. His hands kneading my big ass cheecks, and then he reached down and felt how wet I was getting. I felt him move over and he reached over to the drawer of his night stand and pulled out some lube and a 24 pack of condoms--Magnum golds. I could feel his hands spreading my ass cheeks and rubbing a little bit of the cool liquid on my asshole, softly and tenderly applying a finger as I whimpered, and as he applied it he handed me a condom and told me to tear it open and give it back to him so he could put it on. His every move seemed so deliberate and planned, and we lay there in a spoon position with him tweaking my nipples and driving me crazy with his tongue in my ears, I was wondering what was taking him so long since he had already put on the condom...but I did not have to wonder long...before I could realize what was happening I was on my stomach and he had me pinned down. His warm breath in my ear telling me he needed to sodomize my ass, and that I would be his anal slut for the rest of the day and night.

My eyes went wide as I wondered what happened to the mild mannered, meek man who invited me into his apartment. He slapped his dick head hard against the soft opening of my ass and I screamed as his dick sank down to his balls deep into my ass. The pain in my ass intense from his dick which was no longer soft but a rod of power. He lay there balls deep in my ass, his body covering mine completely pinning me down helplessly, and he told me to struggle if I wanted but there was no reason to think I was not going to get my ass .

The next long moments were a blur of intense ass fucking, pounding hot heat up my ass in a way I had never been buttfucked. My whimpers, moans and screams muffled by the pillow he told me to scream in, as he systematically fucked my ass over and over and over. From the moment of initial penetration, and over an hour and a half of intense pounding with bouts of steady deliberate long strokes, he finally came and rolled over on his back. I was stunned at how much I had cum, and the towel I had used to shower with and he had folded neatly, he at one point reached over to grab it and placed it beneath my hips as he continued to pound my asshole with his dick, not missing a stroke as he did so. I did not know how many times I had squirted but the towel was soaked. As I lay there on my stomach stunned after that onslaught of fury, he asked me to lift my hips so he could get the towel and he seemed very tender as he replaced the towel with a pillow under my hips, and he told me to rest.

He got up and went downstairs to come up with a stack of towels which he said might be needed for what was going to happen the rest of the night. He came behind me with some mango/peach butter and rubbed it into my ass cheeks, it felt good and relaxing. He checked my asshole and told me it was getting stretched very nicely. He examined it deliberately like a doctor would, and I was to find out later that he liked examining and probing my holes pretty regularly. He asked if I was relaxed and rested, and I nodded. Then he told me to get on my hands and knees as he came around the side of the bed and put his limp dick in my face. I started to suck it, and he immediately got hard again. He was standing over me now on the bed holding my head and telling me he was going to face fuck me. He pushed me on my back, and was straddling my shoulders as I gagged and slobbered like a nasty slut all over his dick. He grabbed my head again and was choking me with his hard heavy strokes down my throat. The heavy saliva keeping a good lubrication for what he was doing. He told me I was a good slut for skull fucking and said he had wanted to do this from the moment I walked into his apartment.

As suddenly as it started, he pulled away from me and I could feel him pushing me over on my stomach again. He had already reached over to grab another condom and he was primed to sodomize me again, this time there was no lube applied as he shoved the length of his dick into my asshole. My screams filled the room again, and he instructed me to muffle the noise in the pillow. After a long time of steady pounding, he pulled out and shoved his entire length up my soaking wet pussy. The fullness of feeling as his entire meat went into me was something I had not yet experienced. I was cumming hard within a few strokes, and he pulled another towel under me just as I squirted. He came hard again, and I could hear him grumble under his breath that he didn't want to cum yet. He rolled over on his back, and I thought I was going to get some much needed rest but he had other plans.

He told me to get on my back, so I flipped over thinking he wanted to face fuck me again so I could get him hard again, but instead he put another clean towel under my hips and had me spread my legs. As I lay there wondering if it was possible for him to get hard again, he told me to relax. And I felt him between my legs working his fingers into my pussy, spreading a good amount of lube all over his fingers, and told me to close my eyes and just relax. He proceeded to finger me patiently with one, then two, then three fingers all the while talking to me and telling me to describe my feelings. I thought that his dick had filled my pussy in a way I did not think possible, but I was wrong as he worked the fourth finger in and then his whole fist. I was a blubbering idiot by the time he finished with me, and I was not sure how many times I had cum but I know I had drenched at least another three or four towels. He said he was going downstairs to put the towels in the washer and that he would be back.

I lay there dazed wondering how much time had gone by, but then he returned to say that it was 6 p.m. and dinner time and he needed to get a bite to eat. So we got dressed, he put the towels in the dryer, and we went and picked up some eat out Chinese. Then we came back to his place and sat at the table in a normal way to eat and talk as if we had been friends for a long time. The whole time I noted that he was a complete neat freak and had to eat his food a certain way, each item at a time until he was completely done, and then went on to another flavor or item. We had already fucked for 4 hours and so I was thinking that after dinner he would say bye and I would be on my way to visit my mom.

He pulled the towels out of the dryer and I helped him fold them in a neat stack. He asked if I wanted to take another shower before I left and I said that would be nice, so once again we went upstairs, he brought the stack of towels with him. He laid out a bath towel but instead of leaving me in the bathroom to take a shower, he got out my enema and had me bend over to administer it. He had me sit on the toilet and expel and as I did that he went into the bedroom, when he came back he was naked again and had a raging hardon. He then gave me another enema but told me to hold it and get into the tub. He fucked me up the ass in the bath tub as I held the enema, and he had me expel it when he told me to. At this point I was not sure if he had cum again, and my ass was getting sore by now. So he helped me wash up, being really tender as he fingered my asshole, bending me over and spreading my ass cheeks and examinng my asshole, telling me what I a good anal slut I was.

We were both drying off and he led me back in the bedroom and by the hardon he had I knew I was not going to be leaving quite yet. He laid out another towel on the corner of the bed and I sat on it as instructed and I started to suck on the dick in front of me. I was gagging and slobbering on it real good, and he pushed me back on the bed standing on the bed in a crouching positon as he began skull fucking me again, talking nasty the whole time. My eyes wide but he seemed to know when I needed to take a breath of air, so this went on until I felt his cum go deep down my throat mixed with the heavy slobber and saliva from being viciously face fucked.

I lay there for a moment when I realized he was reaching over for another condom, and I could not believe it but when I looked down as he applied it, I saw he was rock hard again. He moved the towel under me as he rolled me over on my stomach again, my whimpers filling the room. He roughly shoved his dick up my ass quite easily and no lube was needed as he pounded the holy hell out of me. I swear he must have been on Viagra or Cialis because we fucked for another 4 hours. This time he took turns in my ass and pussy, only taking a rest when the towels were soaked from me squirting and also giving me a break for water when I needed it. He took much pleasure in repeatedly sodomizing me, and I was in a state of awe as this fucking machine gave me more than what I needed.

He had literally fucked the shit out of me, and at one point he examined my asshole again, and he said it was quite red and sore. He asked if I could take another ass fucking and I was almost in tears as I said I did not think I could but he just turned me over and sodomized me again. By that time it was close to midnight and we were going in and out of sleep but each time he rested, he seemed more energized to fuck my ass again. The more sore my asshole got, the more intense my orgasm, so as you can imagine, we went through the second stack of washed towels.

At one point, we were sleeping in a spoons position, and when I reached over to check my cell for the time, I woke him up and could feel his dick head searching for his favorite hole. It was 3 a.m. and he was fucking my ass as if we had just gotten out of a nightclub and was ready for action. The man was insatiable and for the next 2 hours, I felt as if I was in a dream feeling dick in my mouth, ass and pussy so many times that I didn't know which way was up.

The crack of dawn was peeping into the window when he asked if I needed to take a shower so I could go, and I said I did. So he got up and set out another bath towel, and I was relieved as he said he was almost out of towels and for me to shower as he went downstairs to wash and dry the ones we had gone already gone through again. When I got out of the shower, I noticed my carryon bag was not in the bathroom, and so I walked into the bedroom looking for it. I noticed it was on the bed that was already neatly made up, so I figured I was actually leaving this time. He was in some shorts and a polo shirt and looked as nice and neat as when I first saw him. As I was getting dressed, he was talking to me and putting away the lube and condoms remarking how we had almost gone through the whole pack of 24, there was only 6 left. As anal as he was, I figured to see him put the lube and condoms back in the drawer, but instead he put them in his shorts pocket which I found strange but did not think much of it.

I was nearly dressed when he walked up behind me and started kissing my neck telling me what a great fucking time he had with me. He grabbed my nipples and I was surprised to find myself getting excited again, I could feel his hardon between the soft material of my dress. He had a way of tweaking and pinching my nipples that drove me insane, and I quite expected him to bend me over and fuck me again but to my surprise, he grabbed my carryon bag and took me by the hand and led me downstairs. We were almost to the door and I reached for the deadbolt to unlock it, when I felt him pull me into the living room instead. I had noticed a bench like contraption in the middle of the room when I was walking down the stairs and was now finding myself being bent over it.

I protested and told him that my ass was sore and did not think I could get ass fucked again, but he said he was not going to fuck me but just wanted to get one last look at my asshole to see how red and sore it was. As tired as I was, I found the bench to be quite comfortable and my legs actually felt weak so I was more than happy to rest my legs and bending over the bench seemed quite relaxing. He had my dress pulled over my hips by now and my panties around my ankles. I thought he was having me step out of my panties one ankle at a time but I felt some material being applied to one and then the other ankle not realizing what was going on. But when I looked down, he had put my ankles in some soft furry velcro straps, and when I went to move found that I could not move them much at all. He said not to worry, he was just getting me ready so he could examine me I said before I had found out that night that he really did love to probe my holes, so I thought I would humor him yet again since I was already leaving anyway, and I did feel comfortable in this contraption.

He asked me how it felt and asked if I was curious about it and I had to admit I was, so he showed me it had wrist velcro straps as well and a front padded bar where you could rest your chest as if you were over a bicycle handle bars but much more comfortable. He showed me some padded blocks it had on the side that could be adjusted for height so he set them and undid the ankle velcro straps and told me to put my knees up into the padded blocks to see how it felt and then did the same for the elbows. By the time I was up in it, I was amazed at how comfortable it was, and that it made me feel erotic and sexy in the positon I was in, my whole ass and pussy exposed as it was to whoever was behind me. He kept asking me how if felt and when he finally put his fingers in my pussy, he remarked how wet I was considering we had just fucked most of the day and night before.

I felt him kneading my ass cheeks again, and it was feeling so good that when he finally did spread my ass cheeks to inspect my asshole, he said it was very red and sore. He put his hand into his shorts pocket and pulled out the lube and gingerly applied it. It felt cool on the hot hole, and then he pulled out a condom and he asked if I wanted more, or did I need to leave and surprisingly I said that my mother was not expecting me until late that afternoon so I did have a little time to spare. I could not believe I was wanting more of this big hard 12 inch dick after hours of having the shit fucked out of me, but here I was like a hungry dick whore wanting more. It must have been the newness of the contraption or maybe being in this new position that I was in or just that I really am a good anal slut, but it did not take me long to slip out of my dress, bra and panties, and him long to get out of his clothes and neatly fold his shorts and polo shirt aside with his boxers and lay them on the sofa behind us.

He then laid a nice fresh towel under my hips, and then he went to town laying pipe in my ass, getting behind me riding me hard and good like a good slut needs. The intense feeling from my poor red and sore asshole was more than I could stand and I came real fast and harder than what I could remember. I squirted hard onto the towel, and screamed and whimpered as he continued to my ass, the excitement of the moment keeping him fully erect and giving it to me as long and hard as the first time the day before. He fucked my ass and pussy repeatedly and it must have been an hour before he finally came. I was exhausted and I pulled my knees off the padded blocks and my legs and arms instinctively draped over the contraption, my head resting on the padded bar and I must have dozed off for a few moments when I heard a soft tapping noise.

When I went to pull up, I found that my wrists and ankles were secured with the velcro straps, and I struggled against them for a moment. My friend was on the sofa smoking a small cigar, the sweet smell filling the air. He asked if I was comfortable and I said I was but that I needed to go, but he reminded me that I did not need to be at my mother's until that afternoon and it was barely going to be 6 a.m. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said well that he was expecting a workout buddy to come over to go to the gym at 6 a.m. He said he had expected me to have been long gone but since I was still here, he instead would like to invite his buddy in to work out the new contraption with me on it. I told him that I did not think I could take much more in my ass but he said that he would not pressure me but was I at least interested...and I was surprised to hear myself say that I was. Not a minute went by, when there was a soft tap on the front door, and he said he was going to surprise his friend by just opening the door for him to find me this way.

He walked to the door and opened it and in stepped a good looking black man, dark and over 6 foot tall. He invited his friend in telling him he had a big surprise for him. As he stepped in the door, he could not supress his excitement and delight at this good surprise. He whooped how lucky he was to have such a good friend. He introduced himself by coming over to where I was and pulling his dick out of his sweat pants for me to start sucking on it, which I did. His dick soft was not very big and I thought he was going to be easy to handle but as I sucked on it, it grew and grew and grew finally filling my mouth as I gagged on it. He reached over and smacked my ass, and I started sucking on his dick with more enthusiasm but I kept gagging on it since it was just as big as my friend's dick. I knew I was going to have my ass and pussy full for a few hours. What I did not know was there was still another workout buddy coming over and there was also a video camera set up in the corner recording the whole event from the time I walked down the stairs to the last load of cum that I got from the three gorgeous black men that gave me a day to remember.

I did not get to my mom's until late that night telling her how exhausted I was from the long ass drive.

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Baby that was hot!

.... I like


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