Too picky...  

aascrompn 42M
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11/10/2005 7:25 am

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10/18/2006 4:53 am

Too picky...

I'm having a great time chatting w/ girls on this site, but I'm finding that I'm really picky about what I look for. My best friend and I had a conversation about this just last night. She said that I should never drop my standards and to just be patient. Again, I'm not here to find my wife, but do you ever find yourself really picky about your hookups? It's really frustrating to me b/c I know that I could have a lot more sex, but I just can't lower my standards.

hershey38 39F

12/4/2005 10:30 am

There is nothing wrong with having standards nor being too picky...

Fox4aKnight1 43F

12/10/2005 5:00 am

I tend to agree with hershy hun, lowering your standerds will more than likely leave you going " and just why did I try for that when it wasn't what I wanted in the first place?"

trust me not your best bet.

have a good one

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