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7/8/2006 12:24 am

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There are many things in life that piss me the fuck off! I hate waiting for fast food! I can't stand traffic in Atlanta!! I don't like having to live as far away from my j.o.b. (just over broke) as I do. I can't stand humid days, b/c my hair product doesn't work as well as it should. I can't stand that I have a 2" penis, etc... However, I just had one of the best days of my life... Even though I came up w/ a list of negative shit above, life is not all that bad...

I just had the most important female in my life tell me a lot of things that would make any man smile... I'm not going to elaborate, as it's really not my place, however, understand, please, the impact that things can have in a person's life.

What I was told, in uncertain terms, was that this girl loves me as much as she possibly can! You may call this e-love, you may call this real love, but I know for a fact that I've had an impact on this girl. What, really, is the difference of love vs. e-love? I've asked this numerous times in the past, but it's a really vague question! Is there a difference? I think so, but I think not at the same time...

I think e-love vs. love is a really hard concept to really grasp. Do I have a close connection w/ this girl?? Yes, I absolutely do. Would I do almost anything for her? Yes, I absolutely would! I think the difference is the fact that due to distance, it's easy for me not to think of her as much as I normally would, had she been in the same state as me...

This is what I know. I know that I give up plenty of personal time - w/ no regrets - to chat w/ her. I know that I will spend hours upon end laughing w/ her online. I know that I genuinly care about her and her life. I know that I have a very small penis, but she's good w/ it! I know that I can speak my mind (w/out having to hold anything back) and she's good w/ it! I know that, w/ her, I can be myself (short penis, short temper, greying hair on the sides) and she's good... This is all that I know. Sorry, one last thing... I know that I'm good enough.

I'm excited for one thing and one thing only... I know that if circumstances were just a little different, that I could have her. I could date her. I could sleep w/ her. I could love her unconditionally... I could have my way, every day. This, I think, is what I am pretty sure I know.

E-love is a powerfual concept... I have found that through the mind (and naked pics that I've seen of her) that it's really easy to be stimulated... I know that I have made a little impact and I want her to know that she's made a HUGE impact on my outlook on life. I want whomever my next date is, to be just like her mentally speaking...

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