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2/27/2006 2:51 pm

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Being in the field that I am, I'm forced to pick up on patterns. I have to analyze data, processes, etc... Through this whole online experience, on this friendly site, I've come to realize that I get depressed, on average, about once every two weeks. I never used to notice this before. I'm sure that it wasn't this frequent, however. My theory is that living in this faster paced world, we've come to expect things faster and demand greater accuracy.

I think that a lot to do w/ my current anxiety affliction is that the real world doesn't move as fast as my computer systems. When on my machine, I can tell it to do 500,000 things at once and it does it w/out wasting any of my "precious" time. I think that my current blahness (it's a word, I swear) is due to the fact that I might be expecting this "matchup miracle" to happen much more rapidly than is reasonable. This nifty Al Gore invention of the Internet has enabled all of society to reach globally w/ greater ease. What's that mean to we online pervs? It means I meet beautiful women everywhere instead of relying on getting out of my house and actually making an impression upon them in the "real world". However, even this isn't working very well (for me). Either the distance is too great for the strength of true emotions between the person doing the pursuing and the one pursued, or it just isn't too plausible. I'm not used to waiting. I think this creates much turmoil inside my medicated head...

Although this depression won't last long, it's still really annoying. It deflates my desire to continue w/ my mediocre blog, it makes me want to just sit and whine - in pursuit of ego-stroking from online hotties (ladies) - and just stop even trying. Then, I'll see someone on here that gets me excited. It, of course is always one that the rest of the site wants, but it gives me another goal. Surpassing goals has always been easy for me (I have never set really huge ones). I get into different styles of writing in hopes of catching one's eye. Sometimes I'll be bold and send a wink. Sometimes I've even sent email. Nothing, my friends, is working. It's ok! I'll just have to change tactics. "They" say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I get it. I always have. What I don't get is how damn long this really takes.

I'm grateful for all 6 people that follow my blog, I really am. I don't mean to take this shit out on you, however, in keeping w/ the honesty of my blog, I couldn't just leave my post today about a frigging (cool) group that I started for the Atlanta area.

Are there logistics people out here in Blogville that can assist me w/ further efforts? I've completely run out of any original ideas (such as the line that I stole from NB about 6 people on my blog). This will be my 91st post. There are people out here w/ many, many more than me. They still seem cheerful about things. Why am I slowly deteriorating? Why can it be so hard, on the damn Internet, to find somebody, just somebody, in my huge-ass city to date? Really, honestly, I would love a legit answer. If my profile sucks, I'll change it. If it's my honesty, I'm not changing it. If it's my height, what the hell can I do about it?? If it's b/c I'm all over the place w/ the topics that I write about, I can focus.

Without passing judgment on others on this site (I mean it) we are all here for one reason or another! Some people are here just to blog. Some are here for affairs. Others are couples looking for numerous combinations of m's and f's... I'm here b/c I'm single. I'm here b/c I was looking for somebody fun to hang and do naughty things with. If love is found along the way, great! However, I'm still single...

What’s funny about this post is that people are actually going to avoid commenting on it. Why? One, it’s too long and whiny. Two, people don’t like conflict. Three, it’s bringing other down. But, I guarantee you that I can’t be happy everyday… no matter what my smile looks like. Peace and hair grease.

southrnpeach333 50F

2/27/2006 3:49 pm

HHMM, my diagnosis, it sounds like PMS to me. Seriously, welcome to the human race. We ache for something but we don't know what. We are hungry for something that is not in our Frig. Would you rather have instant coffee or the reall stuff that you have to grind, press, perculate? Sit down and have a real cup of coffee. And, hey, I read your blog everyday dammit. Are you telling me I am wasting my time?

caressmewell 53F

2/27/2006 3:57 pm

Little brother cheer up, it could always be worse. It takes patience on this site unless you are looking for a hot fuck and cold beer (and yes sometimes that is nice but I would not use this site for that).

Now start planning our next Atlanta bloggers meet and stop whining!!

PassionKisses4Me 44F

2/27/2006 4:04 pm

*hugs sweetie*...I so understand how you feel...finding the right person is so or in the real world...I am still searching myself...distance is always an issue and when you do find some one close, at least for me, they seem to be gone just as quickly as they appeared to me...have faith and know we all feel yucky at times...we are allowed too.



campfirecozy 66M

2/27/2006 4:13 pm


You were did post similar thoughts that I posted today. (maybe it's a full moon...cabin fever...or too much cafeine)

I'm hoping that you'll stick around. Atlanta is a big place and I can't imagine that the online single's scene isn't huge...but I have been wrong before.

Take care,

P.S. If you decide to leave, please ask your 6 readers to join my 6 readers. I promise to do likewise.

MaggiesWishes 59F

2/27/2006 4:51 pm


Damn these days!
I think it's in the blogwater, so drink only bottled water ... hunny.

kelly402005 52F

2/27/2006 5:05 pm

I'm gonna post, cuz, at this present time.........
"I have your head in my hands and I'm kissing your face" ..... LOL!
I like what you write........
If you think you blog is whiny, hell, what do you think of mine? LOL!!
Keep doing what you're doing man......
I luv it!

rm_AtlBigStik 45M

2/27/2006 5:18 pm

All right now, Crompn. Let's separate some thoughts just for a moment. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling you see the blog as a marketing tool. May I suggest that you refocus that focus. The world of dating on this site and the world of blogging on this site are two COMPLETELY different worlds. Blogging here will get you noticed -- by people all over the world, even -- but not by locals. Very, very few locals. Not because the locals don't exist, but because blogging is "narrowcasting." The raw numbers worldwide that read the all the blogs combined is roughly the number of members in GA, my friend. Blogville is phenomenal and populated by beautiful peoople (particularly in ATL if I may say so). But it ain't about dating here.

If you want to date, you have to search and do the legwork. That's the only way to get there. Single guys have a hard time, because you have to wade through the bots -- the fake profiles. You have to figure out who is (literally) real and who is not. Of those who are real, you have to get their attention and not fuck it up. This is where your honesty and personality comes in. Trav had a great post greeneyesatl05 used to have it on her profile (and might even still) about the right way to e-mail prospects. I commend it to you. But you have to be prepared for rejection and silence. Deal with it. You are a salmon swimming upstream, my friend. Real women who are really available have all the choices. You've got to (1) get their attention and (2) make it count. That's a hard task that requires stamina and trial and error.

But blogging is YOUR deal for YOUR purposes. Thinking of it as a martketing tool is, well, just silly. And your blog has grown as you have as a writer. Don't you dare stop. You are being watched.


elbman 41M  
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2/27/2006 5:33 pm

I'll respond, but I'll respond to anything especially if someone has taken more than a paragraph to ask a question. In our choosen professions we are used to results being delivered without delay, period. If there is a delay it means something is wrong and needs to be corrected. In life and dealing with emotions and people it's a totally random set of circumstances that you cannot predict the timming of the outcome.

Be you, how many freaking times have I said that to numerous people?

It's the only constant you can control in this situation. I'm going translate it into our shared language; if a system fails you don't go changing multiple things at a time to resolve the issue. You take a systematic methodical approach to solving the problem. You evaluate the issue determine probable causes, order them based on likely hood and work your way toward a solution.

Problem is every person is different, so what you could have done to make a relationship / attraction work with one person may actually cause it to fail with another. So by changing things about yourself or how you present yourself, which is more the case; I believe you lower the odds of making the connection you are desiring.

You want some ideas for your blog set your alarm for one time every night and just type what ever the hell is in your head, no matter how irrelevant, screwed up, or out of fcous it may be. Just type it and hit post, then evalutae the comments based on their sources.


Goldenhairgodess 63F
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2/27/2006 5:50 pm

Based on what you said-especially "Why can it be so hard, on the damn Internet, to find somebody, just somebody, in my huge-ass city to date?" I just had to check on where you are located-Atlanta, Georgia? LOL! I am a Valley Girl myself-Los Angeles California suburb so small it is not even on most maps. Your story is a common one. Some people are real-and really want to meet others. Some are fantacy seekers who want to pursue without ever catching (mmeting) or to be pursude, and never be caught. Some even try to make money-sending guys to "pay to view" sites. You just have to shift through the phonies to find the real. Look for less then perfect beauty-groups to join and post messages in-things like that.

fantasylover_05 62M

2/27/2006 6:26 pm

My Friend aacrompn

First of all... I don't think your blog is mediocre! Perhaps I am one of those 6? LOL

I truly don't have any answers for you about dating... I don't have the gals breaking down my door either LOL LOL.... and yes I have also had periods when I asked myself what the fuck I was doing here...

there have been a few I have had strong crushes on and tried many things to get their attention... to the point of approaching being a pain in the ass LOL and I was even getting concerned I was turning into a stalker once... and when she finally responded it was to say "she had found someone else"... the elation seeing the email... the dispair reading it LOL LOL So sometimes actually getting their attention is not all it is cracked up to be!! LOL LOL

You are young and appear to be a good looking guy.... From your blog I believe you are personable, genuine, caring... and I believe many on here care about you

All I know... in business and life and love... is persistence.. persistence... persistence.. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!!

I only wish I was close enough... I would hop on my bike... roar over there.. and we would go out and get BLASTED and talk about life and love and business!! LOL LOL LOL

You have true friends here!!!

JUST BE YOURSELF!! Anyone who needs you to change to catch their attention is not worth it!!! I lost myself trying to live for everyone except me... I have no intention of doing that any longer!!!

frangipanigal 44F
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2/27/2006 6:39 pm

OK you,

I am really going to have to get on a plane and spank your arse one of these days!!

1. I like your blog as do MANY others

2. Yes it takes A LOT OF TIME AND ENERGY to meet someone, either here or in the "real world" - don't give up yet.

3. Just because one "Blonde Bombshell" doesn't return your advances (was I right in who I guesses?) doesn't mean others wont.

4. Your a spunky man and I can relate to you..alot!! If I wasn't all the way down under I'd be hitting you up for a date.

5. Don't let the down times get to you. I have the same dilema as you and the same cure at the moment (have been for 8 months now). I get depressed every time little Frangi goes to her Dads. The trick is to learn to rebound back quicker each time!

Right enough babble on the long and whiny post that will get no replies (yeh right!).

Stay you, don't change...she's out there somewhere ok!!

Frangi x

rm_4yousexyeyes 105F
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2/27/2006 10:08 pm

OK No longer my Birthday and it appears that your the one who needs a good ole southern ass whoopin..... and you know what I'm talking about... Not the kind you like. Whaaa whaaa whaaa.. Now I am done too. I was once told it will happen when you least expect it, so I have now resigned myself to blogging and making friends. I quit all of the "dating sites" and deleted an old profile I had on here, I am quite happy here in blog land. Besides the dating sites are just a masked version of this place. Someone looking for sex and honestly thats just about it. The people I have dated dont take time to get to know you before they want to screw. Married men actually try to take time to get to know you because they seem to appreciate attention but I am not looking to be number 2 or the cause of anyones divorce.
Being around IT myself I know exactly what you mean about wanting things in the nano second it would take a computer to do it. BUT honestly with people if you take some time to get to know someone you will not be so hurt when you realise they are not the right thing for you.
you stated "I'm here b/c I'm single. I'm here b/c I was looking for somebody fun to hang and do naughty things with. If love is found along the way, great! However, I'm still single..."
If your looking to hang out with someone for a nano second this might be the place, but if your looking for a relationship.... lets see mmmm I don't see this place advertising all the resulting marriages because they hook people up..(but I also dont see that happening with real people on the other sites.. Sorry but this is a part of your ass whoopin... I honestly think you want a relationship that will lead to something... but if you start out all potential candidates with I want to hang out maybe get naked and if we fall in love "oh well" I have to say I have screwed a few who had that attitude, but I never expected it to go anywhere and I was just having fun. But if you start out open hearted looking to find "her" not "Sex Bud" You might find everything that you are looking for.
Wanna hang out and screw besides don't you owe me a birthday present?? just kidding sweetheart

Due to the recent events, I have come to realise that I am no longer 20 something.. havent been for quite a while, it will take someone very special to make it. In the mean time I will have the FWB and enjoy life as it is comes and hope that I am wrong and my soul mate doesnt live in a foreign country off in a remote spot I have never been and he doesn't speak English............

Besides I am jealous you have all of the great bloggers there.... what more could you ask for?????????????

Babel__Fish 45F

2/28/2006 7:38 am

I love your blog, your thoughts that you post and your profile does not suck. I do not know if the average member here on AdultFriendFinder actually READS blogs or reads at all for that matter, but if they did ready yours and your comments then they would realize that jem of a man that you are.

I came here today to tell you by giving you a Rose that I think that you are a special person and that I am happy that I am begining to get to know you and I hope that our friendship grows.



rm_JohnMacLaine 50M
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3/1/2006 5:25 am


Wow, a lot on your mind here. I guess a lot of us feel the same way you do at times. I have been a member of this site for about three years, and have yet to find anyone either. Now mind you during that three years I have only been an "active member" for a few months here and a few months there, but I still have yet to find a connection, and if I do feel I connect or have some things in common with someone, then they dont respond or they want me to pay $3.99 a miniute to talk to them.

Like most have said, don't force the issue, don't try so hard, and as I said to Lush on her Blog, use the site and get out of it what you want, if it leads to great sex, love, friendship, or whatever -- great!!. If it is just blogging, thats good too. You have a great Blog, I read it daily, (guess that makes me one of the six too) and I look forward to coming here every day.



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