Man of Culture, But  

aascrompn 42M
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7/27/2006 5:13 am

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10/18/2006 7:57 am

Man of Culture, But

Ok, I'm a fairly well educated fellow, who has an appreciation for different cultures. I love learning about the history of cultures, I love experiencing different cultures. I even love learning how to salsa dance, etc...

When I pulled into the gas station this morning, I thought it would be a quick in and out thing. There were only three vans there (quite unusual not to have at least 10 to 12 cars there), so I'm thinking that I'm finally going to be on time.

As I walk in, I can barely move! There were friggin people everywhere. They were all of the same culture (of which don't speak a lick of english). All I needed to get was a Diet Coke (I'm fat again), and prepay for my gas. Not only did it take me about 15 mins to even get to pay, I had the smell of hot dogs wafting up my nostrils. Are you fucking kidding me?? Here it is 7:15AM and I have to smell hot dogs??

I don't understand this culture difference. I love hot dogs, but this time in the morning?? It literally makes me want to vomit.

~ AAS (still nauseous)

PandorasBoxxxx 105F
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7/27/2006 10:44 am

I don't understand how people can drink soft drinks in the morning?
I see it at work every morning. I'm making my tea and they're getting a Coke out of the machine.
And ya, hot dogs at 7am is odd but I once dated this man and he would reheat last nights supper for breakfast! Okay, very good!
Thank goodness we are all not the same cause life would be so boring.

btw, did I tell you that you had a nice ass? lol

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7/27/2006 10:48 am

ok here we have to disagree....hotdogs baby anytime

I know I should be shot but I love them

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

warmandsexy52 64M
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7/27/2006 11:50 am

Hey, when I went to Milwaukee we had hot dogs for breakfast. But then again they are descended from German sausages.


warmandsexy52 64M
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7/27/2006 11:51 am

Hot Dogs that is, not the good people of Wisconsin.

want2play926 45F

7/27/2006 12:06 pm

At the little corner store in my town...they wait till about 10 to put the weinnies on the roller grill.

The only smells that bother me in the morning is the smell of shit being sprayed by the amish farmers...yeah, liquid shit at that!

rm_marnisway 85F
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7/27/2006 12:27 pm

not early in the morning...not late at night....not what's in them...nonono


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if it feels good is good

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bardicman 50M

7/27/2006 2:56 pm

I think when you see that hot steamy glistening frank nestled tightly in a toasty warm bun you develop and envy of sorts......

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

7/27/2006 2:56 pm

an envy,,, sigh

I am not dead yet

jadedbabe78 105F

7/27/2006 3:47 pm

Hmm, maybe they were third shift workers and 7am *is* there dinner camel used to work thirds and would eat pizza or whatever at 5/6am.

TheRealThing655 48F
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7/27/2006 10:55 pm

Why can't they have Cinnabons in the morning? I wouldn't mind that smell...

TabithaElectra 37F

7/28/2006 12:49 am

I have such a hangover....I cannot even think about food, let alone hotdogs! Why did you make me drink soooo much????!!!!

funintheday2006 56M
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7/28/2006 9:15 am

Try Spanish living meat fat and tomato spread on bread with a brandy at 8am

smirkingdevil 48M
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7/28/2006 9:37 pm

"They were all of the same culture (of which don't speak a lick of english). "

"I don't understand this culture difference."

Nope, I guess you wouldn't understand...

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