Life's Driving Force ?  

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7/14/2006 4:56 am

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Life's Driving Force ?

Sometime ago, I had organised an exhibition of Office Equipment. Among
the visitors was a distinguished gentleman employed in WHO, where he
was a Financial Director or on some such high position. Accompanying
him was another modest person, who was rich due to being employed in an
UN organisation, but as a driver.

After the first gentleman finished talking to me about the products on
display, he pointed to the accompanying gentleman and said to me, 'Now
you can explain all about you products to him as he is one of the
'driving' force of his organisation.'

That was said in jest but it was an insulting remark so far as the way
it was intended ; because no job is without its own dignity.

What caught my fancy was the phrase 'driving force'.

Indeed ! What drives men and women to do the deeds they do; what force
drives them to attain the goals they set for themselves ?

I believe, very few men and women really set any goals for themselves.
Most, once they get in to a secure job, a profession, a business or any
activity that earns them a living, they do not take any risk that may
cost them the job, take their profession or business away from them,
for fear of ridicule, loss of prestige, insecurity, and above all lack
of income.

They just have to carry on, whether or not the work-place is conducive
to one's continuance on the job, whether or not the profession gives
satisfaction, whether or not the business is progressing and profitable

One tends to carry on and on out of habit !

Are then the 'driving force' and 'motivating force' merely talk?

No indeed, it can't be.

Many individuals are driven by desire to achieve laurels for themselves
in various fields such as war, theatre, music, arts, media and other
fields. They must have self motivation and/or some'driving force' in the
form of family, mentor, coach, teacher etc. to propel them forward.

So long as they are in the limelight they shine, thereafter they fade
away without a trace!

I wonder what makes men and women tick; what keeps them going day after
day, month after month, year after year...! What makes them endure the
day to day adversities and challenges that life throws up time and

I cannot say for sure but I can say this...!


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