Hush...hush baby...hush !!!  

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7/14/2006 4:59 am
Hush...hush baby...hush !!!

You people out there...! You will be wondering that our country and its
people, with so huge a population, where couples must be working
overtime to breed like rabbits, are open and frank about matters
concerning sex and sexuality !

You can't be more wrong!

There is so much hush-hush, so much secretiveness, so much fear and
so much embarassment, the portrayal of our stars and actors on the
films and media nothwithstanding, that it surprises even me no end the
rapid growth of population in my country.

My country has made tremendous progress in recent years. The TV and Net
has made such inroads, the general awareness and knowledge of our
people in our cities, towns and villages, of continents and people
across the globe is phenomenal.

Years ago, when such mediums of entertainment was not available in our
small towns and villages, where 80% of the population live, it was
explained away that sex was the only entertainment available to them
so the population explosion.

But the population rise has remained unabated, despite TV, Radio and
the Net being available for entertainment.

Conclusion No. 1

The people of my country have been indulging in sex like rabbits: THEN
and NOW. Entertainment or no entertainment!!!

What is lacking is the knowledge of self-contraception, the means to
abortion and need for adequate precaution by young adults while they
have sex.

All this knowledge too is available through the medium of TV, Radio and
Net and also primary health care centres.

Conclusion No. 2

We are sex fiends and nobody, nothing is going to stop us from
having our 7 - minutes of or no baby !!!

Hush baby, hush ! Don't let us talk, let us just do it !!!

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