A s-exciting incident...!  

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A s-exciting incident...!

The incident that I relate here happened 30 years ago, just a few
months before our marriage.

My wife-to-be and I had already been engaged in October of that year
and the wedding was to take place in January, next year.

Soon after the engagement we started exchanging passionate letters as
we were living in different cities.

Anyone who might have furtively read any of those letters would have
termed them 'lusty letters'; so they were!

Two months after the engagement, I happened to go to the city where
my fiancee lived. In fact, I was on transit, having arrived that after
noon at 2 PM and was to catch a train back home around 7 PM.

There was not enough time to go and return from the place where my
fiancee lived, so I called her up to come to meet me at the station
and see me off.

Did she come ? Indeed she did, all alone, carrying snacks and a flask
full of hot tea.

Both of us could hardly wait to talk to each other; we had been so
eagerly waiting for such an opportunity! I quickly polished of the
snacks and drank the tea so as to spend some quality time with her.

We found a secluded bay in an empty compartment of a train that was
being shunted.

We wrapped around each other, shared passionate kisses, drank deeply
the dripping saliva from each other's mouth; my hands hovered all
over her body especially her curvacious breasts and buttocks, while
she stroked the bulge in my pants.

She was panting, and urged me to insert my left hand, waist-down,
inside her petticoat to caress her pussy and feel her dripping wetness.
Her excitement had risen to such a feverish pitch that she would not be satis-
fied unless she achived her orgasm with my probing digital extremities.

Even as I was trying to reach her wet pussy to stroke her to climax,
she had already pushed her right hand deep through my waist to catch
hold of my erect and rigid and pulsating cock, ready to explode !!!

No sooner she gripped my cock than my 'cum' came gushing out....I had
lost my control over it ! The copious, hot and sticky cum and the
quickness with which I came caught both of us by surprise. I was a
trifle ashamed with my loss of control.

She withdrew her hand, all her finger sticky with my thick cum and
looked at it with wonder, awe or distaste, I could not tell!

What I did, however, was to gently wipe off her fingers, one-by-one, and
her hand clean with my handkerchief so thoroughly, that even today
she fondly recalls that it was then she discovered the gentle streak
in me !

As for her climax, my left hand fingers could barely reach deep enough
to find her clit or her cunt...it lost its way in her thick cunt-bush!

Our train was reaching the station platform. We could see the heads of
people coming to view. In the midst of them all stood my-in-law and
brother-in-law to be. My fiancee was sitting on my lap at that time
and our hairs were dishavelled. Before the train came to complete halt
we spruced-up ourselves as best as we could !

Later, after marriage, my wife told me that her mother could not
stop commenting on our appearance that day, as we emerged from
the train, fully flushed and red in face and eyes completely lustful !!!

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