Rambling - Frustration  

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12/19/2005 1:07 pm

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Rambling - Frustration

i know everything can't always be easy, but shouldn't life just give you a couple easy times once in a while??? i love this time of year, but it makes everything so complicated and stressful. we're supposed to be grateful for what we have and be celebrating our families and such, but what drives most everything? money and wanting stuff. not that it never hurts to have money and stuff, but around the holidays that seems like those are the things that everyone is about. "i have to work more hours so i can have the best things and buy great presents for everyone i know!" that seems to be the motto for everyone i see these days. i'm one of those people who doesn't have that option. sure i would love to work more, but i have a young one that i hate to leave every day. and with having to think about buying presents for a lot of people i'm afraid i'm going to give him the short end of the stick, and will look bad because everyone else can buy him nice things. it doesn't help that i'm still trying to support the both of us and make sure that we have all we need to get through, which doesn't always happen. but i make the sacrifices on my end. my son gets everything he needs each day, even if it means that i don't. i just wish the holidays could be a happier time for everyone to be content with what they do have.

TheSentinel001 37M

12/19/2005 2:11 pm

A lot of people run into that hurdle. Even though i don't have any children, i wish at times i had one. This holiday season is meant to me spent with families and friends, but money always comes into the picture, I've done a few things on the side that i normally don't do, but now that they're done, i've been able to buy a few 'sparkly' items for my girls.
Just don't let those things burden you, forget them, repress them if you can. Find your 'happy place'.

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SlungSpeltDrugs 57M
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12/19/2005 7:19 pm

It has been 11yrs since my divorce. when it happened my son came to live with me. He is still here. When we talk of those very tight times it is'nt the material things he talks of. He remembers the times we spent playing video games or watching movies. He reminds me of how I taught him to shoot pool or those nights we just talked. I know how you must feel always wanting to give your son more than you can but remember that you are probably giving him more than you realize..Time Love and respect... as the comecial says "pricless"

ValetPairsPaged 36M/35F

12/19/2005 9:45 pm

I completely agree with you...this is the first year that I can remember where I am simply not in the Holiday spirit. And, I owe that to exactly what you are talking about. The need to measure up how many gifts you can buy, how much $ you can spend, bla, bla, bla...everyone seems to forget about the very people they are buying gifts for that are right in front of their faces. The very people that are more precious in the time spent, than in the money spent for! I too have a child and I feel it is only teaching them the wrong thing to foces so strongly on gifts when there are some less fortunate. Yet, we do it so we don't look bad to all the others that are able to graciously buy a gift or two for our children. I am rambling now, but I know how you feel. Peace to you. Not in any holiday bullshit either...I seriously wish you happiness. It is great to know there are others that feel likewise.

Also, I have to admit...your other post made me pretty hot...

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