Daydream - The Meeting  

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1/27/2006 5:30 pm

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Daydream - The Meeting

I wake up in the morning with butterfiles in my stomach. Today is the day, I think, how will I ever make it. For today, we meet. I have a short day at work, and you do as well. We have arranged for a late lunch at the restaurant at the hotel. I feel my stomach flutter again as I make sure everything is in place. As I head into work, all I can think of is you. I wonder if you are as nervous as I am.

I've been up for 3 hours now, and still I can't relax. My mind is preoccupied as I open the store and go through the motions of what is on my list to get done. Somehow, I know you are not the least bit nervous about out meeting, and it comforts me a bit.

Two hours have passed and I can't recall what I have accomplished.

The phone rings and startles me from my haze. Could it be you, calling to tell me you can't make it? Or am I just trying to hard to convince myself that everything can't go exactly as planned? I answer the phone and my voice shakes unexpectedly. I regain my composure as I give the customer directions to the store.

As I hang up, I try to reassure myself that I will make it til 3 o' clock. That is the magic hour. At 3 o'clock I will get into the car and head off to our rendezvous.

hI look at the clock and see that I have only one more hour to go. My nervousness has now turned to anticipation, and I try to hide it from my co-worker. As the minutes tick down, the butterflies return. Finally, it's time to go.

As I drive, all I can imagine is you waiting for me with a warm smile.

I take a deep breath as I pull into a parking spot. I check the mirror one last time, and then head inside, still unable to shake my nervousness.

I walk through the door and head toward the restaurant. I hear my name and turn around to see you coming through the door. All of a sudden the butterflies are gone as you catch up with me. Our eyes meet and a soft kiss follows. With that one quick kiss, my body longs for your touch. Without a work, you seem to sense it and we walk past the restaurant, toward the hotel.

As we step into the elevator, you wrap your arm around my waist and old me close. I lean back and feel your breath on my ear, which sends a tingle down my spine. The elevator stops, and you lead me off and down the hallway.

You unlock the door and open it, motioning for me to head in. The room darkens as you follow me in and close the door. I feel a few small butterflies return as I wonder why exactly I'm here with you. My mind draws a blank, no reason for me not to be with you. I can feel your eyes on me, trying to feel out what I'm thinking.

I turn around as you strike a match and light a candle. The light flickers on the wall and the reflection fo the flame makes your eyes sparkle.

You walk over to me, take me in your arms, and our lips meet again. This kiss is more passionate than the first one we shared just minutes earlier downstairs. Our tongues dance slowly at first, feeling our the desire hiding just below the surface.

My hands run up your arms to your shoulders and end up resting on the back of your neck. The kiss intensifies and you pull my body tight against yours. My hips pressed against you, I can feel your desire growing. Our bodies join the dance our kiss began. No music but the sound of our hastened breath and the rustling of our clothes.

I can feel the bed at the back of my legs and we stop. Our kiss ends and your eyes meet mine once more. As my eyes search yours, I seem to get lost in the depths of your soul. A warm feeling fills me, and I know this is right.

I feel your hands on the small of my back, warm and comforting. Your fingers begin to glide up my back and to my sides removing my shirt as the make their way higher. You toss it aside and loosen your tie. I work the bottom of your shirt out of your slacks. My fingers fumble with the buttons as you discard your tie. your lips brush mine as you help me with the remaining buttons. Your shirt joins mine and I wrap my arms around you once more.

The heat froum our bodies seems to fill the room.

I feel your lips working down my neck, softly making their way over my collarbone, sending tiny chills through my body. By now, every inch of my body is longing for your touch and your gentle kisses. Your kisses trail down further, tending to every inch of my exposed skin. My body trembles as you remove my bra, cupping my breasts as your mouth makes its way to them.

The heat is building inside me, is getting more difficult for me to contain. My hands rest on your shoulders, helping me keep my balance. You slide my pants and panties off and you guide me down to the bed, eyes locked with mine.

I watch as your fingers make quick work of your belt, slacks, and underwear as they join the pile of our clothes.

Leaning over me, your lips are drawn together, my hands guide you down to the bed with me. My fingers run up your back to your shoulders, my body urges you closer. A fingertip traces down my side and over my hip, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. You can feel my heat, burning deep inside as your fingers nudge my thighs apart. Somehow I can feel the wave building, already not far from surfacing.

Our tongues dance again as you work to make my wave crash. Not long, and you have my body trembling as it comes closer and closer. It hits. My entire body shakes as my pleasure bursts through. Fingers tightening on your back as I seem to try and hold on to reality. For a moment, I slip away, lost in the waves that have taken over me. As they subside, I feel your kisses covering my face and neck, so soft and gentle.

After a couple of moments, I come back down and catch your lips in a long kiss. My hand runs down your chest and stomach, not stopping it it reaches your hardness. I begin to stroke it, slowly, gently. My fingertips trail up the sides and circle around the tip. I feel you quiver with pleasure. Our lips part and mine follow the path my hand took moments earlier.

Soft kisses cover your stomach as my lips come down to join my hand in bringing you pleasure. I glance up at you as my tongue begins to tease you. Circling around the tip and then down the sides, I watch your smile grow. My lips brush against you on occasion. Your fingers run through my hair. My mouth engulfs you and I feel your body tense for a second from the new sensation. Still I watch you as my mouth takes you in repeatedly. Hands still in my hair, you stop me, urging me up for a kiss.

Our lips touch, tongues entwining. You pull me ontop of you, guiding my hips above your length. Easing me down, I feel you pressing in slowly. A slight gasp as you enter. Still you enter slowly, enjoying the warmth that surrounds you little by little. Our eyes meet as you fill me completely. I rise slowly, and you pull me back down quickly. Our pace quickens, building in intensity. I rise again, nad this time when I reach bottom, you hold me tight and take over my position on top.

Longer strokes now as my hips rock up to meet you. Your hands join mine, our fingers lace together as our senses climb to the breaking point. Our bodies close, the pace quickens. I tighten around you, squeezing tight. Unable to hold back, my orgasm overtakes me. Eyes locked on yours, the sensations grow. Your body tenses as you bury yourself deep inside. Then, the pulses of your orgasm, hands clenching mine, you hit your peak.

Our bodies drained, we seem to melt into each other. As we regain our senses we kiss softly, reasurring each other for the moment, that nothing else matters. You hold me close as we drift off to sleep.

Sweetpickles69 47F

1/28/2006 7:45 am

WoW! You can write. Wish I was as talented!


rm_easyguy607K 54M

2/2/2006 11:27 am

I must say - you do have a talent for writing well. Have you ever thought of trying to get a book published and tell a real story? And are these actual events you had happen or just in you mind?

rm_easyguy607 54M

2/13/2006 1:14 pm

You write very well! Care to collaborate sometime and make it real?

codered1968 48M

3/11/2006 6:32 pm

You should write a book wow

playfullcougar 59M

3/14/2006 3:00 pm

Here is my daydream...(:

In a womans dressing room at a store (:

It’s the middle of the afternoon on a week day and I’m off
work at Oak View Mall looking for some summer cloths. I walk
into Yonkers just behind a very attractive lady wearing
white shorts, a light blue tank top and blue high back open
toe sandals. She has short light brown hair, ether highlighted
or sun bleached to an almost white on top and the sides. I
think it is sun bleached because she has a very hark tan.
I’m looking intensely at her pear shaped ass when she stops
short right in front of me and I bump into her from behind.
Startled my hands reach out and hold her hips so I don’t stumble.

She turns with a smile and says, “I’m so sorry, are you alright”?
Slightly embarrassed, I say that I'm OK and apologies
for holding her. She winks and says “no problem, I kind of
enjoyed it”. She than turned and headed for the swim suites,
the same direction I was heading. I pretended to be looking
at things; however I was looking at her. Every once in a while
she would catch me and smile back.

She picked out two or three suites and headed to the fitting
rooms. They were located across from where I was and I could
see her enter a room. My mind started going nuts think about
what might be happening behind that door. She appeared
and walked to the full length mirror and admired herself
turning from side to side and bending a little at the hips.
I think she knew I was watching and she was giving me a show.

After the second swim suite show I couldn't take it
any more and walked over to the fitting room. The store wasn’t
busy being the middle of a week day afternoon with no people
around, at lease in these sections. I stood by the door and
could hear her moving in and out of her swim suite selections.
The door wasn’t completely closed and I could see her moving
around still wearing the last suite.

I open the door as she turned with a startled look in her eyes
and within a second I was kissing her lips and had one hand
in her top feeling the soft large breast. She struggle a
little than gave in to my advances. My hands slipped into
her bottoms and found a soft wet pussy, I inserted a finger
than two curling them up and rubbing first in a circle motion
than pulling her close to me with my fingers.. Her clitoris
was very wet and large, with my thumb I slow rubbed in a circular
motions. In one motion I slipped them off and laid her on
the floor. As I pulled her legs up into the air we heard the
door of the next fitting room open and two people go inside.
We could hear them talking as I lowered my head to her wet
pussy and started lick and flicking her clit. I look up and
could see the lady licking and biting her lips trying not
to make a sound as I lick one of my fingers and slide it into
her ass. Within seconds I could feel her body move in jerking
motions and than stiffen up and than let lose and exploded
with fluid filling her bottom.

I got up to one knee and kissed her passionately and than
left the room, the store and the shopping center…what a
shopping trip for both of us and not one word said.

GummyObitsSoupy 50M
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5/20/2010 12:30 pm

Wow can you write!

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