Daydream - Oil Change (part 2)  

aam1079 37F
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1/7/2006 1:34 pm

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6/3/2011 1:20 am

Daydream - Oil Change (part 2) mouth stops, your cock deep inside, as i look up and know i am about to be rewarded for my hard work. your grab my shoulders as you begin to fill my mouth with your cum. i swallow quickly as i try to keep up with the bursts so that i don't miss a drop. after a few moments you pulse one last time. i slide your cock out and lick my lips, savoring the taste in my mouth. before i know it though, you pull me up, turn me around, and fill me up from behind. i lean over the car as you slowly move in and out, taking a moment to recover. then the pace quickens, i can feel your hips hitting my ass each time you fill me up. one hand grabs my shoulder, using it to pull you in further. the other reaches under my shirt and pulls at a nipple. you pinch it and give it a little twist till it stands at attention for you, then you work on the other one, getting it hard as a rock as well. my head comes back as another wave begins. you grab my hair and hold me as my back arches, hips slapping against my ass as you work me through my orgasm. i shake each time your cock fills me, pushing deeper, harder, making my orgasm longer. all of a sudden the door opens, your buddy stops, looks us over and grins. he laughs, "nothing like a hard day at work huh?" you nod and i can say nothing. he walks over to us, checking me out. you get me up off the car and lead me over to the bench. laying down, you motion me over on top of you. i notice the bulge in your friends pants, and wave him over. he unzips and pulls out his cock. it's not quite as big as yours, but still it looks inviting. i pull him over and into my mouth as i begin to ride you. you grab my ass and help me up and down on your cock while he slides in and out of my mouth. up and down i go, grinding my hips against you when i come down. one of your hands lets go and comes around to rub my clit, working for another orgasm from me. it doesn't take long before your balls are drenched in cum. at this point your buddy pulls out of my mouth, and leans me over top of you. i feel him spread my ass open as a finger slips inside. he works me gently all while i'm still getting the ride of a lifetime. in an instant his finger is replaced by his cock, filling my ass. you both slow down a bit, getting me used to the feeling. working in and out together, my body responds to the feeling of the both of you working me. you increase the rhythm and soon you're like the pistons in the car. pumping faster, in and out. i scream as the wave hits, my body shudders from the pleasure. in and out, over and over, working to join me you both never let up. in a flash, he pulls out and lets go all over my back. i can feel the heat as it hits me. we sit up, you lay me down, and then as quick as you can, you bring your cock back to my mouth, flooding it once again with wave after wave of cum. a little dribbles down my chin and my tongue whips out to catch it. i lay there for a few minutes, trying to regain the strength to sit up as you both recompose yourselves. you help me up and show me to the restroom so i can fix myself back up. i come back up and your heads are both burried under the hood. i sit back down and wait for you to finish. from where i'm sitting i at least have a good view of your cute little ass. the hood comes back down as you finish. i ask what i owe, and you tell me not to worry about it, just to make sure that i come back the next time i'm due for a tune up. i smile and promise yours will be the only shop i will even consider as long as you are on the job.

o2l8again4u 51M
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1/17/2006 9:21 am

any chance you'd be interested in someone with as much creativity as yourself, I think I could respond with an equally descriptive encounter that starts in just as simple a manner! Foreplay I believe, seems as though I have read somewhere about the lack of...
and NO desire to create frustration!

bicoupleomaha 60M/55F
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1/18/2006 10:49 pm

You are our kind of girl!

Loving a guy coming in your mouth is definitely a marker of a very highly versatile sexual being. Having each part of your body stimulated, the ass penetration and all - you are lucky. You are very cool and much like us.

Enjoyed reading your blog

rm_ComePlay2day 58M

1/27/2006 6:59 am

Very hot dear If I can help in any way let me know

bucky90403 52M

2/9/2006 12:05 pm

Loved reading your story, it got me very excited. I'll be in Omaha next week for work, do you have any other fantasies you'd like to share?

schwartz50 48M
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5/29/2010 2:37 pm

I know you wrote this some time ago but I gotta say your good sweetie. I'd love to work in that shop. You would probibly never go as far till your light came on. kisses T........

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