Daydream - A Visit at Work  

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12/18/2005 8:22 am

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Daydream - A Visit at Work

It's 10am and I am already bored out of my mind at work. Mornings can be the slowest time of the day, but at least I get some time to myself. I go about straightening things from the night before, when in walks a customer. I look up from my paperwork and see you standing there. I smile and ask if I can help you find anything, knowing you will come up with something so you can follow me down an aisle. You ask about something near the back of the store, so I come around the counter to show you where it is. You follow me, checking out my ass the whole time. I turn and catch you in the act, smile, and then bend over to pick up something invisible from the floor, just to give you a better look. What you have asked about appears to be empty on the salesfloor, so I mention I might have more in the backroom. You follow my lead to the back, and the next thing I know, I'm sitting on the desk, locked in a long kiss. Your hands rest on the small of my back, gently holding us together as my legs wrap around you. As you pull in closer, I can feel how turned on you are by the growing bulge in your pants. My hands slip between us, undo your pants, and let your hardness free. I slip down off the desk, a smile on my face as I kneel in front of you. My tongue circles the tip, teasing for a moment before my lips wrap around its thickness. I look up to catch your reaction as you slide deep into my mouth and back out again. My mouth works slowly at first, enjoying every hard inch as it slips in and out. Your hands make their way into my hair, helping me work up the pace. As you slide in and out, my tongue works all around. All of a sudden you stop me, lips wrapped around the base of your throbbing. I look up and the look on your face tells me everything, I want you NOW! In a flash, my panties hit the floor and I'm sitting on the desk again, legs open and waiting for you. You waste no time burying yourself deep inside my warmth. My legs wrap around you again, helping you drive deeper with each thrust. You grab my ass as your mouth goes down to my nipples, which are hard as rocks. I can't help but moan as you hit all the right spots over and over. I grab onto your shoulders and brace myself as the first wave of orgasm hits me. I clench tight as you continue to fill me. You whisper, "it's not over yet sweetie" and procede to engage me in yet another long kiss. Slowly your tongue invades my mouth, thrusting in with the same rythm as our bodies...long, slow strokes now, just long enough for me to recover. Then, you pull out and bring me down off the desk. I make the next move, and turn aroun, leaning over the desk, my ass in the air, waiting for you. Your fingers slip into my wetness, lubing up for their next move. They find their way to my ass, slowly working their way in. I gasp as they enter, and arch my back as you work to open it so you can slide in. You fill me once more, sliding in and out as your fingers do the same. Then with one swift thrust, you slip into my ass, filling me. I squeeze tight as another wave hits me. One of your hands guides me, the other grabs my hair as you fill me. Your thrusting has no rythm, slow for a moment, the quick and almost reckless. Over and over my body shakes. From my lips "oh god, oh god yes!" can be heard, probably all the way across the hall, but I don't care. With one last thrust you fill me, my head jerks back, and you join me in orgasm. Our bodies shudder, drenched in sweat, and then you pull out of me. I turn around and collapse against you. You tip my head up for a long soft kiss. It lasts for just a long enough moment, then ends as we put ourselves back together. You slip out of the backroom before I do. As I emerge I notice we are still the only ones in the store. Our eyes meet, and I know this will not be our last meeting. As you turn to leave, you whisper in my ear, "that was just a teaser, the next time, we won't be able to move when we're finished." An evil grin sneaks onto my face as I reply, "I sure hope it's sooner than later, cause I've got an appetite for you now."

sittinlooking 33M
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12/18/2005 11:40 am

that was quite exciting. i would ask where you work but i bet you'll get alot of people asking now.

TheSentinel001 37M

12/18/2005 8:59 pm

Thats good damn writing, its us writers that are more creative in bed and out.. too bad that you seem to live so far away, i'd be more than interested in meeting you.

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