Congrats to Boomer  

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3/11/2005 9:38 pm

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Congrats to Boomer

Congrats to my wonderfully kinky, erotic friend Boomer for landing the acting gig. *blows kisses his way*

Over You Suspended is a work in progress. It's not quite right, yet. I can feel that. Has a dreamy queality; it's supposed to. Be KIND to it. Don't tear it to shreads, YET. Oh, go ahead. I'll just delete your comments. This is MY GLOB, and I'm Queen Glob here. Nahhhhhhhhhhh!

Thinking of friends. Happy to have found Sue, SUPER KINKSTER, and almost my twin, my reflection, my second half. Our birthdays are one day apart, and we almost live in the same 'town'. It's a play on words. You ever read someone else's profile and have the eerie feeling that you could have written it?

I was in a group. Someone posted a thread. We were only supposed to respond with questions. The original poster asked, "What's your favorite color?" I responded, "What is the color of the sky in Van Gogh's Starry Night." Her next post was, "Where can I see that?" DAMN. Do a GOOGLE SEARCH. Ya ever heard of Van Gogh before??? Easy enough to find. [Sorry, feeling a little edgy. If you read this, blush, I'm sorry!]

I LIKE DODGYHIPPY. He is sweet and funny. You should read his post about 'romantic gestures' in the Truth or Dare group. I'm in his fan club. Hey, now, it's an elite group. Not just ANYBODY can get in. He's selective! Though, he would like some nubile young maidens to join. So if any nubile young maidens are reading this... Well, I don't think that any nubile young maidens will be reading my glob.

I can't imagine WHY anyone would read my gibberish. I'm up too late, listening to Tori Amos' The Beekeeper, an EXCELLENT cd. My favorite is Sweet The Sting, a very jazzy/bluesy song, great to move to.

Ha! I moved to a certain rhythym earlier. Yes, orgasms are wonderful, particularly ones that go on and on and on, and the aftermath is so delightful. Nirvana.

But, I think that I'm getting tired. At least I'm yawning much. So I'll go brush the pearly whites and snuggle down. Anyone care to join me?

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