An unamused Muse  

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2/20/2005 2:43 pm

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An unamused Muse

My first blog. Well. My gosh. I look to the left of the screen here, and I see, WHAT? A CHECK SPELLING BUTTON. All those other blogs I've read with confusion, because I can barely discern the words contained in them. Silly me. Thinking that being able to convey a thought is important in this world.

What should I discuss? My frustration at the bullshit of this site. Muse disguised as She-Devil! Too much honesty.

Instead I'll bitch about my dead battery. Again. I finally got my car running after HOW MANY MONTHS and HOW MUCH help from wonderful men like Paul and Steve, only to have my battery DIE again. DIE BATTERY, DIE.

No, Tom, Man On Whose Lap I Tossed My Cookies, you're not coming over tonight. I'm really not in the mood for company. I wanted to go to the damn library and get that Neruda book. OH.MY.GOD. An AdultFriendFinder wench who posts about going to the LIBRARY??? I'll probably lose my membership... Spank me.

entirely2sexy 59M

2/21/2005 10:05 am

You may remain on the site; spankings automatically reinstate your AdultFriendFinder elgibility.

a_rara_avis__ 53F

2/21/2005 7:49 pm

Even if I call you by the wrong name?

corvairguy 65M

2/23/2005 4:27 am

Your battery seems well and alive to me! OH, you are talking about the CAR battery.
When you need your batteries recharged by spanking let me know as I am a licensed Mechanic!

I also like your pictures you have been doing on the side, they are extreemly interesting. They sort of remind me of my hippie days.

rm_chucka95 58M

2/24/2005 12:32 pm

Spank Spank....Oh're off the hook--IF the Neruda book is some of his erotic sonnets.

a_rara_avis__ 53F

2/25/2005 2:16 am

Hello, chuck. I see you found your way to my sock drawer. Welcome.

I already have Captain's Verses, his erotic love poems to his wife Mathilde, as well as a couple of others. I'm looking for his biography. He had a fascinating life.

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