Flowers on my Birthday  

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4/9/2005 12:03 pm

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Flowers on my Birthday

A man knocks at my front door. Asks me if this is my address. I say, yes, this is my address, and yes, this is Lisa ----. "Well, I have a delivery for you." It turns out to be flowers.

BUT before I rip off the paper covering the flowers, I note that the card is addressed to Mary someone at 44 Blaine, which is the hospital. I point this out to the delivery man. Also pointing out that I'm NOT Mary, and this is not 44 Blaine, nor is this the hospital.

He says that he screwed the orders up and takes the flowers out of my hands.

That was half-an-hour ago, and I still don't know WHO SENT THE FLOWERS!

I sent a message to my guy asking him if he sent the flowers, but he is NON-RESPONSIVE. If he didn't send the flowers, OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT!

And don't you LOVE how the people here at Sex Oz automatically update your age?

Oy-freaking-vey. Open mouth, insert foot, indeed. Paul sent me the flowers. Thank you so much, Paul. You're such a sweetheart.

My guy knows that another man sent me flowers. What a shmuck. I don't think that he was thrilled. He sent me a text message from his phone, "No, dear, they must be from some other lover." Oohhhhhhhhhh, that made me mad.

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