An animal lover!  

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2/21/2006 9:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

An animal lover!

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved animals. My childhood dream was to become a veterinarian. It didnt happen, sometimes life takes you a different way than you have planned, but I still love animals! I dont own any, just dont have the time to take care of one, but if I did I'd have a whole farm house full of them. In my childhood yrs I cant remember a time I did not have a pet. I always had dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, rabbits, fish, and even a frog. We even had chickens one time (all my mothers idea, she fell in love with these fluffy white Chinese chickens and had to have them... all the way from Puerto Rico. Don't ask me how those Chinese chickens ended up in PR, but from there they travelled to Ohio(they were still chickidies) Those were some well travelled chickens, the rooster was a mean SOB! Anyway, I'm actually getting off my main topic here. I was able to catch the very end of an investigative show on TV earlier today on a certain kennel whos owner had some 600 dogs in it, all mistreated, malnourished, and just completely abused. One dog was shot twice on the head because he bit the man when this man grabbed the poor dog by the neck and squeezed it till he cried out. Another dog got punched in the face because she was so scared and malnourished that she was unable to stand still on the scale as she was being weighed. Dogs were being swong over, by their chain, into a pool. A lot of them were being carried dead, stiff as a board and dumped into a hole in the ground. It broke my heart to see those animals, so frightened, abused, sick, and disoriented so completely helpless. I was so angry to see that there are people out there that are so heartless and cruel, and to top it off, get away with shit like that. I have to wonder, if they can be so brutal to defenseless animals without even flinching, what else are they capable of doing? One person comes to mind... Jeffrey Dahmer. Fucken sick! It took the authorities over a year to shut the place down and rescue those dogs. And that's just one place they were able to crack down, how many more are out there still doing the same thing?! Here's the icing on the cake..... the bastard was also a pastor of a church. Oh, dont even get me started on that. They gave him 10 yrs in prison. Here's a better idea, put him in a cage with a raging, rabid, angry rott, or pittbull, and let the Mother Fucker fend for himself now! Oh but wait, first he needs to be starved and weakened like the dogs in his kennel. People like that should get a taste of their own medicine as punishment, right up there with child molesters and abusers!

ansky1966 50M

2/22/2006 4:29 am

There was never a time that I did not have a dog in my life and through the years had almost every kind of pet. I am totally with you on this..(BTW sounds like that rooster was a real cock!) Without a doubt these pricks would/will/do abuse people just like they abuse animals. Tough to watch that shit! People who don’t have “pets” don’t realize they “are” part of the family. In some cases probably closer than most family.

rm_alotofPlzr4U 105M

2/22/2006 5:10 am

Absolutely disgusting... and that man should get the treatment you deserved.

I have a puppy who's just about a year...
such the character!

WildWon1982 34M

2/23/2006 9:00 am

I'm a dog lover, myself. But as for the guy's punishment, I disagree. I like the dog tactic, but let's punish him the way many people punish dogs, neuter his ass.

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