The search continues.  

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11/9/2005 5:44 pm

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The search continues.

My introduction can be found elsewhere so let me start this out with why we are here. I unlike some am not unhappy with my situation, but I am a bit unsatisfied. You see, my lady and I are both bisexual people and as you can imagine, this makes for some pretty interesting times and experiences.
We decided a long time ago that we could not be a monogamous marriage that for us it just wouldn't work. Why? Well that's a complex question. First of if you are a man how do you keep a girl with lesbian attractions happy and interested and if your a girl with a Man who has some gay attractions the same question. We are that couple. Here is are solution so far.
You share!!! The problem is if the third is attracted to only one partner, now what? Can you let the two go off together and find someone for yourself?
Sure why not!! Okay so how do you explain to the prospective person/party how things work? Do you tell them up front or wait until they are already involved with you? Do you make them understand that you want this to be a long term arrangement or is it better to go through a series of one night stands and short flings forever, hoping that someone will want to stay?
These questions are the reason we are here. We want to be part of a group, a family, but finding people who share that dream is difficult. Also though I admit I love to see my girl take on whole groups of men women or both. This experience would be so much more gratifying for me if I could share it with two or three people who also went home with us afterwords and could reminisce about such things with me years down the road.
Perhaps this is just a dream, but we both truly hope that someone here will help us build it into a reality. Why is it so hard for most people to understand that though we are insatiable perverts, we are also a couple who has as much love too give as we do passion? Such questions may never truly be answered but here hoping. To those two or three, or more (who knows) we await your arrival and hope you wont mind too much if we enjoy some others company until we find you.


rm_turboman43 54M

1/28/2006 6:28 am


I would like to meet with you two share some insights with you and maybe help you out too. so if you wish to know more contact me here some time soon...........shaggy

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