from a lonely heart~~sighs~~  

_tightandtasty_ 55F
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5/10/2006 3:00 pm
from a lonely heart~~sighs~~

I'm on the site and i have made friends that are there for me to talk to and even dream a little (comfort me in hard times) I like to cyber and have fun *laugh and release a little stress from my busy day and boring family life)I have made wonderfuly friends/ lovers on the way but is this cyber thing the answer? this our last chance to find happiness?...Can we not work with the person we chose to spend our life with and made a family for an easy peice of ass or one night stand?...I have found that life promises no tomorrow and we have to take what we have what we have now and build our own future so i say to all the married women and men *don't give up on your dream **work at it and don't sit back wasting time ***lets do what we have to do to make our real relationships work ...ok it's hard but try to remember the goodtimes you shared with theone you picked as being your wife and show her(him) the same attention you did in the begining and never give up !!!..OK sometimes we nag about silly things but aren't you surpose to be there and help us find our way and hopefully we can do the same for us~~my point is stand by your wife/husband and put the same energy in your relationship as you do withthe other woman whether she is an online relationship or some pussy on the side~~~if not don't complain if your not willing to do the work yourself(and guys don't get mad cause this goes for the ladies as well)

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