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10/28/2005 5:06 pm

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And it's all become a part of
a part of that which we hold true,
but trace it back, then to the start of
and find these things that once we thought we knew
are nothing more than old traditions,
nothing more than lies on which the world depends,
while the paths from intuition
will come together in the end.

And the paths that we are taking
have seen the curse of man's own hand,
all mistakes that we are making,
assembled for us by the Lord Pretend.
Somewhere, God is silently weeping
for all the prisoners of the ones who call this His land,
when, in fact, we all are creeping
slowly towards the end.

Buckle down for nasty weather,
Buckle in my aching head,
Take a pill to make it better,
Take some precedence instead.
Take a drink from poisoned water,
Take some of their lies as your own,
Swallow deep, savor the thought of
A lot of lies, your lies alone.

How many souls are taken,
How many souls to change the world?
How many lies partaken,
How many cries to change the Word?
How many souls are taken,
How many souls to Heaven's gate?
How many wings to fly there,
How many wings to fly?

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