Irony, Quandary, and A Touch of Allegory  

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6/15/2005 11:39 pm

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Irony, Quandary, and A Touch of Allegory

As soon as I mention the increase in traffic of my blog, it drops down to a whopping three viewings. Now, that is what I call irony. It might be said there is a touch of karma in there, too. If that's the case, then I wonder what I did (or did not) do.

Anyways, I'm sitting in work tonight going over some training modules. There are four women in the class, so naturally they have banded together in the seating arrangement. I happen to on the opposite end of this line of women in relation to the rest of the male counterparts to our training group. I expect someone to bring that up to me at some point. (I already have the response ready: "Why wouldn't I want to sit over by the women?" Of course, I could change it up a little bit and kill two birds with one stone by saying, "Why wouldn't I want to sit by these lovely ladies?") We end up going to watch some software simulations in another room in groups of six or eight. It just so happens all those women go into the simulation viewing room, too. As soon as they sit down and get situated, one of them starts drilling me about whether or not I'm married, have kids, etc. -- the whole nine yards. I play it cool and polite. The first thing that goes through my head is that the four of them have sort of elected the talkative girl to ask questions that they want to know.

Now, a few things must be addressed before I begin the section regarding my quandary. The only girl that I sit next to is really kind of cute, and I've only really chit-chatted with her while we're working. We exchanged a couple of smiles and platonic comments, but I know better than to assume that her behavior during those situations means anything other than what it appears on the surface. I also know that fooling around with people whom you work is a bad idea -- I don't need to blog to figure that one out. The third element to this is that I am white and she is black. Personally, I don't care. But I don't know how she feels about it, and it would be inappropriate to ask her in a professional atmosphere. (I'm trying to be sensitive to her feelings rather than my own. Understand?) To complicate this issue further, I'd never run into her outside of work. Thus, we come to the quandary: All things considered, what's the best and most reasonable way to approach this situation? I suppose there are "other fish in the sea", but I'm one of these guys who like closure.

Now, on with the quotation and eye candy....


"I am not young enough to know everything."


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