Death of a Dream  

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5/30/2005 5:47 am

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Death of a Dream

For those of you who are celebrating, happy Memorial Day. My holiday started out nice with some hardcore snoozing. For some reason, I awoke early after about three hours. How very annoying. Maybe I got too hot during the night. Maybe it was this pain in my spine. People of my height often have back problems related to their spine. (I guess the laws of physics will maintain their prevalence over mere humanity and evolution.) Whatever the reason, I'm up now for a while. This means that I guess I will blog for a moment in hopes that it will curb the prohibition of my sleep cycle. I hate to go to sleep, but I hate to wake. Weird? Perhaps. I guess when I was a kid I was afraid I'd miss something. Who can tell?

I'm really disappointed. One, I got my sleep interrupted. I was slooking forward to getting some quality snooze time. Secondly, I hope this doesn't interfere with my first day of my new job tomorrow. When my sleep gets interrupted like this, it usually has aftershocks for a couple-three days. Thankfully, the job will be in the afternoons and evenings. Maybe the powers that may be can find some auspiciosness to sprinkle upon my head at the nearest attempt of rest by myself. On the other hand, any booty call I get will be a latenight/early morning booty call. This coupld prove to be even more fatal for that portion of my activities.

On a totally inappropriate note, I bet if they ever come out with Smellovision or Scratch-N-Sniff Television, the porn market will be adversely affected. Just a random thought I had recently.

(Sleep deprevation does funny things to the thought processes. This random insertion of off-topic strings may be a characteristic of that very idea.)

Ok, the randomness has waned. Carry on.

"Nothing to see. Nothing to see. Move along...."



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