Get yur own l, Punk  

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6/23/2006 2:19 pm

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Get yur own l, Punk

Today at approximately 9:14 AM, I sat down in front of tha mall across from Dennys and tried to open my CD player.

Dontch hate that thick plastic wrapping, that's Impossible to open. I mean there's no pull tab or anything.

Anyways, as I'm sittin there, unshaven, long haired, and cozy in my bum outfit,..

__iminatedaginst 43M

7/7/2006 5:13 pm

...this car pulls up with a young lady behind tha wheel, and a young male gets outta tha passenger side. He walks up to me as I'm sitting there tryna open tha fricken Cd player wrapping so I could listen to some RED, WHITE, AND BLUE, and asks, "Did ya steal that for us?"

I replied somethin casually and confidently, oh yeah, "NOPE, The receipts in tha bag!" I replied.

He says, "Yeah right, I don't believe ya, yooou stole it!"

"What makes ya say that? The HAir?" I replied.

He walks over to the window of the mall, which still hadn't opened yet, and as he's lookin, and I'm still struggling with the wrapping, I asked strongly, and politely, "You wouldn't happen to have knife on ya, would ya?"

He says, "I'm not allowed to carry knives."

I felt like sayin, "Yeah well I am, so why don't ya beat it before I cut ya a new CD case, ovenpup!"

Instead, I was alittle more muffin about it, and politely said, "Oh never mind, I got one right here. I then pulled it out and as I was about to start cuttin, he bends down.

"Can I see it?" he says.
I promptly held it up for him to view.
"AAhh that things a piece a shit." he says, and get's back in tha car.

I'm always amazed at how petty and stupid some street thugs can be.
I mean, is that honestly the best scam you can pull?
If yur too stupid to find work, can't ya at least deal drugs, or somethin?
I mean how stupid do ya gotta be to bee drivin up to bums on the street in a car with a BC license plate as easy to remember as 4point0 GPA, and try to steal their only possessions that probably aren't worth crap, anyways?

Whatsa matter witcha? Motorcycle gangs won't let ya clean hottubs for em, cause yur too boring and stupid? How hard up do ya gotta be ta pull a stunt like that?
Go rob a bank or somethin, if yur so tough!
I'm sure you'll have more fun drivin away, anyways!

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