Abuse Team members offered new Jobs!!!  

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6/23/2006 3:21 pm

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Abuse Team members offered new Jobs!!!

It's usually pretty easy to tell when I'm tellin tha truth for those who know me well enough, but anyways. You think you stop me from meetin my POP, punk?

You know who you are.

Anyways, rumour has it that the abuse team may be offered new jobs.

I can't tell you where I heard this rumour, because if I do the president will hire someone to kill me, but anyways...

The story is, that that rat bastard, Herman is planning on gettin back at me by dismantling the abuse team, and allowing people to fend for themselves.

Those people in the abuse team who hafta sit and listen to whining all day, may be offered real actual skilled jobs where they can actually thoroughly investigate suspicious profiles, seeking clues to their true identity, what have you.

That oughta be good for thos

By tha way, for me...
All the clues are there, if you can pick out my pic.

To all those who don't know me!
Hell in a handbasket, I say. I hope they find tha punk who cut the head off Jabediah Springfield and cut HIS head off.
Abuuuse Teamm! Sheesh!

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