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6/3/2006 5:45 am

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I recently saw an ad for a new show on tv. The basic premise...a group of people when a huge jackpot in the lottery and we see how it changes their lives. Some apparently handle it well, others, not so well.

I have thought about this scenario often (daydreamed would be more accurate). If I won the lottery...

I would make sure my kids' futures are taken care of financially.

I would donate money to a couple of organizations that have helped me in the past as well as create a scholarship fund at my Alma Mater for communications students.

I would build a huge house with lots of rooms with various themes, many of them would be game rooms.

I would build a second, smaller house. The bottom and second floor would have guest rooms. The basement would be my dungeon...full of BDSM toys and equipment.

I would then fly in many of my good friends that I have met in the basement here on A FF for a big weekend party. lol

I would buy a Porsche 944 and take it out to the track where I work.

Then I would start my own video production company. I would hire two of my former colleagues and we would have fun making silly and stupid movies...and if we wanted to do something serious...we would, but it would be more about having fun and enjoying ourselves.

The list goes on and on...
So...if you won the lottery...what would you do/buy?

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7/27/2006 6:42 pm

I'd buy a marvelous home. Serene in places (Including a greenhouse with a pond and a waterfallm with a table and chairs for me and my friends to sit, chat and slowly sip some really good Sauvignon Blanc), stylish in places, "country" in places (with a big four-poster bed in a bedroom).

And then I'd leave it for weeks and months at a time. Travel to (in no particular order) England and Italy and Switzerland. To Japan and Hawaii and Australia. Iceland and Saaba.

Yes, I'd donate to charities, try to do good. But as far as indulgence... THAT is what I'd do.

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